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Raquel Lodge is an ISSA certified personal trainer, holds a bachelors degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and is very passionate about educating her followers with a self-love approach to health and fitness. Through battling body image issues and disordered eating herself, Raquel takes an intuitive eating approach which means no dieting and no restricting foods, just listening to your body and what it needs. 

Raquel was always an active kid growing up keeping busy with school sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, track and field and also 5-6 years of competitive gymnastics. Fitness has always been a bit part of her life and also a form of therapy. After suffering from anxiety disorders, OCD, insomnia and disordered eating, Raquel finds that fitness is ESSENTIAL to her mental health and keeps her feeling top notch. 


Besides her passions for nutrition, fitness and wellness, here are some other fun facts about Raquel 

— She comes from a small town called Lac du Bonnet, but is now residing in Eriksdale, MB with her boyfriend.

— Works full time at the credit union in Eriksdale, blogging is her side hustle and passion

— Major bookworm, coffee lover and obsessed with the colour pink 

— Prefers a gloomy, rainy day over a sunny day

– Coffee lover 


Keep up with Raquel on Insta: @raquellodgefitness, Facebook Page: Raquel Lodge Fitness, ….Feel free to contact Raquel on these social media platforms or head over to the Contact Me page on the blog (Contact Me) if you have any questions, comments, etc., 

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