Hydration 101



Can never stress this enough, and always push this on my clients as well because staying hydrated throughout the day is so so important.

Yes i know its annoying to go pee every 10 minutes, but thats basically the only con and the pros definitely outweigh it.

If your wondering why I’m super annoying talking about the importance of hydration 24/7 and why I preach about it, keep on reading!

BENEFIT NUMBER 1: Increase energy, focus and relieves fatigue. Your brain consists of mostly water, just like your body therefore drinking water helps your brain function properly and helps you focus, be more alert and concentrate. Because of this, you will feel more energized.

BENEFIT NUMBER 2: Flushes out toxins. Reduces your risk of any UTIs or kidney stones by removing waste from urination or sweat.

BENEFIT NUMBER 3: Improves complexion. Who doesn’t love having nice skin right? Drinking water reduces the amount of wrinkles, makes your skin glow and feel smooth.

BENEFIT NUMBER 4: Aids in digestion. Helps all your food move along smoothly in the gastrointestinal tract preventing constipation. Add some lemon in your water to kick your digestion health up a notch! (will prob put another blog post specifically on this)

BENEFIT NUMBER 5: Helps keep your immune system healthy and strong so you can fight off colds, flus, infections, etc.

BENEFIT NUMBER 6: Water may help prevent and treat headaches: I used to get headaches all the time as a kid, and when I started drinking more water and less sugary, high cal/fat beverages like juice, soda, milk, etc., I found my headaches came less and less frequent and not as severe. A common symptom of dehydration is often headaches.

BENEFIT NUMBER 7: Helps with weight loss. Now don’t just assume you can eat all the crappy food you want and still lose weight just because you drink more water. Water can help with weight loss alongside a healthy diet and exercise because it prevents you from overeating if your drinking it during meals, and increases your metabolism.

Jazz up your water with some fresh watermelon & cucumber if your bored!

If these fantastic benefits aren’t enough to get you pounding back water on the daily thennnnnnn idk what to tell ya. Just drink your damn water! Here are some tips to help you implement a habit of consuming at least 8-10 cups a day!

Tip 1: Set a reminder on your phone! every hour or so just put something that says “hey you, drink your dang water before your skin shrivels up, you get headaches 24/7, you get super constipated and have a shit immune system” just something simple and non-aggressive like that :).

Tip 2: Carry a water bottle everywhere! I literally don’t leave my house without one.

Tip 3. Before and after every meal, drink 1 cup. Try and make it a habit

Tip 4: If your bored of just water every day, add things like cucumber, ginger, lime, mint, watermelon, lemon, orange slices, to jazz it up a bit!

Tip 5: Eat more water packed foods! Choose foods like cucumbers, watermelon, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, celery, spinach, cherries, grapefruits to sneak in some water, and some added antioxidants, fibre vitamins & minerals!

Thanks for reading friends, now go drink some H20!



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