Finding Balance on Long Weekends/Holidays

Cheesin’ when I’m with my besties 

Just like that, another successful, fun July long weekend has come and gone!

So many laughs and new memories made with some of my best friends from high school that I don’t see often, my boyfriend and my family. Felt so good to have everyone together and relax over the weekend. The drinks were flowing and the beer pong was getting intense, the fair was lit up (of course I was at the mini donut food truck), the beer gardens were bumpin’ and we got our ASS kicked in softball. Still had a blast.

Long weekends are all good fun but for some people it can be really stressful and cause lots of anxiety if you have health/fitness goals, and struggle to find a balance between enjoying the weekend and going off track.

I used to struggle with this so hard and get so anxious during not only long weekends but holidays like Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, basically anything that involves big dinners, lots of snacks and drinks and a big crowd of people. I used to get nervous my family and friends would judge me and ask questions if I wasn’t eating enough. Then I would be constantly checking my body in the mirror to see if I looked bigger after eating. I was worried about the calories, sugar and fat in the snacks available and anxious about gaining a lot of weight and ruining my progress. Temptation was EVERYWHERE and I felt like if I had a bite of something unhealthy, my progress was out the window. Then I would feel frustrated and upset because I wanted to relax and enjoy time with my family and enjoy food without feeling super guilty about it. I would get down on myself and want to give up on my health and fitness goals because I thought it meant I had to give up on having fun on the holidays/long weekends. That is not the case AT ALL!

Because of this, I was a lot thinner, but my mental health was deteriorating and I felt miserable, frustrated and was deprived. I mean Im allllll for eating nutritious foods, exercising, being healthy. But lets be honest, you have to live and enjoy your life as well and all the amazing things it has to offer (like pizza and ice-cream), without feeling guilty. Balance is key!

I dont want you to feel like you have to miss out on life in order to look a certain way, or feel like just because you are enjoying your life, your ruining your progress. You can have the best of both worlds. It took me years and years to find this balance. I don’t want you to wait that long.

Lovinnnn life 

Here are some tips, tricks and things I’ve learned that work for me on long weekends, holidays or any big social event and I hope they work for you too so you can live your damn life and be happy.

  1. FIRST THINGS FIRST. If you want some mini donuts, cotton candy, french fries, burger, whatever it is your craving from a food truck, a fair or that your families making then frikon have some! I’m not saying down a whole bag or stuff your face to the point your sick and cant move. But if you want to eat it, then go for it! One bad meal is NOT going to throw off your progress I promise.
  2. Balance is so so important. During the week, I kill it in the gym, work my ass off 5 days a week, eat as clean, whole and healthy as possible, because it makes me feel amazing and confident both mentally and physically. So on the weekends, heck ya I deserve some pizza and a beer. I have learned over time that it doesn’t ruin a weeks progress. If anything, it improves your mental health.
  3. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I always let myself indulge if thats what my body and mind is telling me. But after a bad meal or two, my mind and body also feel depressed, lazy, unmotivated, foggy and blah. So if thats whats going on with you as well, go eat something nourishing, nutrient dense, go for a walk or get some exercise.  Something that will make you feel amazing, radiant and energized again.
  4. Get moving! Even if your not in the gym on the weekends. Go outside, play some frisbee, go swimming, go for long walks with friends or family, throw a ball around, play baseball, etc. On this July long, I played softball Saturday and Sunday, walked around at the fair, around town, farmers market, played yard games with friends, played volleyball in the yard, so I was getting well over 10,000 steps everyday. Walk everywhere as much as possible if theres things going on around town. It makes a big difference when your not sitting on your ass all weekend, even if your not in the gym and doesn’t feel like a workout.
  5. Drink shit loads of water all weekend so your flushing out any toxins and staying hydrated if your going to be having some drinks, helps your immune system, improves your energy, prevents headaches, etc. You know the drill, I post about water all the time on insta, fb and I have a separate blog post about it 🙂
  6. Don’t restrict, beat yourself up, exercise more or eat less if you did have some donuts, fries, whatever. Thats creating unhealthy habits and an unhealthy mindset with food. Just keep doing what you would normally do, eat a healthy breakfast, eat continuously throughout the day with healthy snacks, and go about your day. You should be eating healthy and working out because you LOVE your body, not because you hate your body and are beating yourself up.
  7. Load up on veggies whenever you can. If your families having a bbq, or theres veggies out for snacking. Dig in! Get those vitamins and minerals. Chances are they will reduce cravings and keep you satisfied so you don’t totally overdo it with bad foods.
  8. Another thing I try to do is meal prep for at least healthy lunches, a healthy snack and eat a healthy breakfast a couple days out of the weekend. Just to start your day off right, feel good and energized. So if I do have something on the not so healthy side in the evening, its not the end of the world!
  9. LAST but not least. HAVE FUN AND LIVE YOUR LIFE. 🙂 Because you deserve it. You only live one life. Nourish your body, but find balance and enjoy yourself.
How adorable are we?

Hope you enjoyed the read and got some good insight friends!



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