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Nice Cream (Healthy Alternative to Ice-cream)


How amazing does this look? I mean I’m not the best food photographer but this still looks pretty darn good. I have gotten some requests about this recipe being posted and I don’t blame you guys, its seriously the best. And verrryyyyy similar to ice-cream so you will not be disappointed and you’ll be able to enjoy this midnight snick guilt-free.

So the KEY ingredient here is bananas. If you don’t have them you can’t make this recipe so go and buy some bananas. AND they have to be frozen so throw them in the freezer. I would recommend peeling them, chopping them into 3-4 pieces and putting them in a freezer bag before you put them in the freezer. I put whole bananas in once and it took me forever to peel them off and my fingers froze in the process. Not fun. So yeah you will need about 2 medium size bananas to make this recipe. 1 is probably good too, 2 of them make quite a bit but I mean I like lots of it sooo I always use 2. Okay lets get into the rest of the process shall we?


– 2 frozen bananas

– cocoa powder (optional)

– almond milk

– vanilla protein powder (optional)

– vanilla extract

– peanut butter (optional)

Toppings: berries, chocolate chips, dark chocolate, cinnamon,

  1. Alright so once you got your bananas all frozen and chopped into chunks, toss them in the blender. FUN FACT: Blending frozen bananas gives you the same texture as soft-serve ice cream. Like legit almost drooled watching it blend it was so beautiful.
  2. So basically the rest is up to you. Blended bananas on its own is really good, but I kind of switch things up and add some other stuff in there to really blow my own mind. BEFORE I blend, I add in a tsp of vanilla, a big tbsp of peanut butter, a tsp of cocoa powder if you like it chocolatey, if not then don’t add it, sometimes if I just went to the gym or I want to add some protein in there I’ll put half a scoop of protein powder. You don’t have to add all of them but I’d recommend the peanut butter and cocoa powder for sure because WOW. My blender is shit so sometimes I have to add just a splash of almond milk to get the ball rolling.
  3. Blend it all and you’ve got some healthy ass ice cream! I top it with raspberries sometimes dark chocolate or chocolate chips if I’m really having a sweet tooth moment. You could really top it with whatever you want!


Hope you enjoy this recipe friends, its so easy and actually nutritious. I promise I’m not lying when I say its similar to real ice cream, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Let me know what you think and what your favourite toppings are!



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