6 Tips to Overcome “New Gym” Anxiety


Going to a new gym is like starting over completely in my opinion, so this post is ALSO for all of you who are new to a gym in general, just starting out on their fitness journey and have anxiety because your unsure on where to start.

I have recently just moved to another town. My boyfriends hometown to be exact because I got a job out where he lives and we figured it would be a smart decision to save some money and have enough for our own place soon. He lived a couple hours away from me before and it was expensive travelling back and forth all the time. Sooo because I have moved, I have also had to adapt to a new gym which is always uncomfortable and kind of nerve-wracking. I have had to do this only one other time and I had allll kinds of anxiety. Especially since I’m from a small town where everyone knows each other so you talk to them, you know what times are slow and busy, you know your way around all the equipment and you don’t feel awkward at all.

So now your at a new gym, theres new equipment that your unsure of how to use, maybe the treadmills or other cardio machines are a little different, new people who have their own routines that you have to work around, your nervous about looking like an idiot because you don’t really know your way around yet. Totally how I’ve been feeling starting at a new gym in a new town, feeling super awkward and worried what people think making me feel not so confident. I absolutely hate this feeling because the gym is my safe place and where I’m used to feeling the MOST confident. But it’s soooooo normal to feel this way so don’t feel crazy if you get like this too. Change is scary, hard and damn uncomfortable but you can totally overcome this so you can get back on track with your fitness journey and feel confident as hell in the gym.


Here are 6 helpful tips that may help you ease those new gym jitters:

  1. It’s helpful to go later in the evenings or early in the mornings to check out the facility before you actually go and do your first workout, OR even take an orientation of the gym which are usually offered. This will help you get familiar with the equipment and the area first which can help you relax and give you an idea when creating your workout plan.
  2. That being said, plan out a workout before you go so your not all over the place and not sure what to do next, especially if its a little busy. Write it out in the notes on your phone or on a piece of paper so you have a bit of guidance. Then if someones using the machine you need, you can skip to the next part of your workout and come back to the other move later. Organization always helps me with gym anxiety!
  3. Embrace those nervous jitters and butterflies! Theres no way to make them completely disappear right off the hop unfortunately but you can choose how you react to them. Don’t avoid going to the gym to avoid that nervous feeling, feel the fear and do it anyway! I know this is easier said then done but the more you get your butt to the gym while feeling this way, the easier it will become and the less you will feel nervous. Less nervousness = more confidence! You have to get out of your comfort zone to make progress.
  4. It’s really not as scary as you think. Most of the time I hear girls say there only scared of going to the gym because there scared of what other people think. But realistically, those people aren’t really paying attention to you. There busy doing there own workout and focusing on their own goals then worried about what your doing. So just put your head down, and do your own thing!
  5. Just remember… everyone starts somewhere! All those people your worried about judging you in the gym because you look silly have been exactly where you are at some point. You have to start with a bit of fear, with anxiety, with uncertainty in order to reach your fitness/health goals and for you to get more confident in the gym. Just start!
  6. Also easier said then done, but WHO CARES WHAT THOSE PEOPLE THINK? Im guilty of doing this from time to time but you have to think of the bigger picture. Your working out and taking care of yourself to be healthier and feel good, your working towards your goals and doing your body good. So why would you let a negative opinion change that? I used to care what other people think waaaay too much, but its YOUR life not theirs. If your missing out on stuff because of what others think, your not truly living your own life. What other people think of you is really not any of your business.


I was super nervous when I started at a new gym and dreaded going because I didn’t want other people to see how lost I was. But I faced my fears and just went! Then realized that its all in my head and really not so bad after all. Now I’m back to my regular workout routine, feeling so much better, and back to feeling confident and excited to workout. If your first starting out in the gym completely, it might take a little bit more time to get comfortable because everything is new, but you’ll get there. Just keep going, keep doing your own thing, and before you know, you will be fearless!

Good luck, I know you’ll crush it!



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