5 Places to Eat on the Road When Trying to be Healthy

Freshii is my go-to! 

Heyy guys, hope your all doing well.. bet your as excited about the upcoming long thanksgiving weekend like I am!

As your all travelling out to see your parents for thanksgiving, your bound to get hungry on the go if you haven’t brought snacks. I’m one to always pack snacks or something healthy when I’m travelling or in the city for the day, because those pesky fast food places can be a serious pain in the ass. Walking around, or driving through and all you smell is fries, burgers, pizza, but your trying to be healthy bitch and avoid those things??? Struggle be real am I right?

I’ve been there, and I’m all for cheat days and being kind to yourself, but I’m also a nutrition nerd and I strongly believe in eating healthy. Eating fast food can totally throw you off track if you have a weight loss goal or trying to look/feel better. I totally avoid most fast food places like Macdonalds, A&W or Wendy’s (unless its coffee @ macdonalds cause wow) because it makes me feel bloated, my stomach gets so upset, I feel so blah and gross and I absolutely hate that feeling. So when I’m travelling I try and hit the healthy food places. There actually are places you can go in the city thats relatively fast, nutritious, satisfying, and makes you feel good about your choices so I am going to share it with you so you can make better choices as well.

There are a few places in particular that I LOVE and my go-to’s when travelling through the city and need a quick bite without the guilt that I hope you’ll try:

1. Freshii – My absolute favourite! My go-to’s at fresh are either the smoothies, the wraps or the bowls. You have to watch freshii because even if its loaded with good ingredients, the portions are wayyyy too much and could be going over your calorie intake. If your trying to lose weight and stay in a calorie deficit, this could throw it off so just be mindful! Some of my go-to’s are the buddha satay bowl, the mediterranean bowl, the fiesta wrap, or the revive smoothie (has turmeric in it for added nutritional benefits). Sometimes I take out half the brown rice or quinoa, and fill it with more kale or spinach, take out any cheese and add edamame beans or chickpeas. Just be mindful of the portion sizes and ingredients, you can look up the nutritional value of every option on the website!

Locations for my Winnipeg readers: St.Vital area, Main street, Corydon, St. Mary’s, St. James, Regent, Kenaston, McPhillips

2. Mongos – Another favourite of mine. This is a great place because you can build your own stir-fry meaning your in control of how many veggies, how much sauce, the protein, salt, all of it! My tips for mongos is to load on as much veggies as possible, go for plant-based protein sources such as chickpeas or if you want lean meat go for chicken, choose brown rice instead of the noodles, half the sauce! I know it says like 10 scoops or something ridiculous when you go, I usually do 3-4 scoops and it still tastes really good. The scoops are pretty big so 10 is a little ridiculous. They just say that so it cooks a bit easier.

Locations: Kenaston, Regent, Polo Park

3. Booster Juice – Delicious place, but again have to be mindful of which one your picking and the ingredients. I always opt for the hardcore smoothies or the superfood + section because they have the most veggies and lower sugar and more nutritious ingredients like matcha, turmeric, kale and beets. I love the Mind over Matcha smoothie, UnBEETable (love the name) and Tropikale. I also try and go for the non-dairy options as well cause dairy is a no-no for me.

Locations: All over the damn place, St. Vital, Kildonan Place, Winnipeg Square, McPhillips, Pembina, Ellice Ave,

4. Green Carrot – I LOVE the cold pressed juices here and would HIGHLY recommend. I know theres one in osbourne area but not sure if thats the only one. But yeah the juices there are so good, have no additives, no preservatives, and are a 100% raw which is such a bonus. I find a lot of juices and smoothies you find in stores or other restaurants are loaded with sugar and other crap but not here! My favourite flavours are The Summer Squeeze, Hardcore or morning greens. Try and aim for the ones with veggies in it for the most nutrition! You can get really good vegan sandwiches here, falafel wraps (also amazing, or quinoa brownies. *Drool*

Locations: Osborne, Wellington, Corydon

5. Pita Pit – load on the veggies and lean proteins! Be mindful again when ordering here because the portions are large. I limit high fat sauces like mayo or southwest sauces, and go for mustard or honey mustard instead. Put on lots of veggies, I opt out of the cheese (I also don’t agree with dairy) and put lean protein such as chicken.

Locations: Regent, Ellice, Main Street, University Crescent, McDermot, Sterling Lyon Pkwy,

Awesome Mediterranean bowl from freshi!!

Hope these choices helped you out and made you choose wiser when your on the road! If it’s your cheat day then go ahead and grab that pizza but if your trying to stay on track, and don’t want to feel gross or blah or guilty, then try one of the 5 choices I listed above! All super delicious and healthy so its a win-win situation!

Save the pigging out for thanksgiving 😉 and travel healthy on your way!

Enjoy your weekend friends,



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  1. Ridge, Jennifer says:

    You are making me hungry. I love the descriptions of the choices …
    Happy thanksgiving!

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    1. Hahah thanks so much Jen. Have a happy thanksgiving to you too! I hope you are well

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