HANGRY – More Than Just a State of Mind?



Happiest when I’m snackin’

Okay ladies, I know you all feel me on this one. Getting HANGRY AF when you haven’t eaten in a while and your feeling all the bitchiness, anger, and could literally punch someone. Then when you get some food in you all of a sudden its like hey! I’m a bad ass happy girl again and your like low key dancing while you eat. I do that anyways, my boyfriend calls me out on it all the time lol.

So like, what is this hangry thing? Why do we turn into psychos when we need food and literally get so grumpy if food isn’t available RIGHT NOW. I legit pick fights with my boyfriend when I’m hungry and he’s like “k when was the last time you’ve eaten?” LOL so funny. But I am really curious about this topic because I swear I am a different person when the hangryness hits. I read a really interesting article during my normal nutrition research that talks about the reasoning behind hangry, so I wanted to do a post on it.

Crazy enough, theres actually recent studies that suggest the term hangry is way more complex and scientific then we think. It goes a little bit deeper then just being a hungry bitch and having a drop in your blood sugar which I thought thats all it was.

Theres a recent study that suggest “Hangry” may be a more complicated emotional response involving a combination of biology, personality and environmental cues.

So basically this study suggested two factors that predict whether someone will have negative emotions associated with being hungry:

  1. Context (environmental surroundings)
  2. Self-awareness

With the context or environmental factor side of things, study participants who were shown negative images or endured negative surroundings that made them feel bad, sad or angry, were more likely to experience “hangry” feelings. So when they got hungry they   were likely to experience negative emotions like grumpiness, anger, frustration because they had witnessed a negative image or had something that made them feel bad BEFORE they got hungry. Kind of interesting eh?

The other side of the spectrum that may relate to being hangry, is self-awareness. The more self-aware you are, the more you realize when your hungriness is affecting your emotions and not react on it, and the less prone you are to becoming hangry. If your feeling hungry, instead of lashing out, studies say it is recommended to take a step back and realize how your feeling and get in touch with your self, which is self-awareness. Also a really interesting concept.

I am all for self-awareness when it comes to other things like recognizing anxiety or other things tied to anxiety, when I’m having obsessive thoughts, etc. But I realize after reading this article that when it comes to hunger I am totally not self-aware… oopsies. Instead of noticing that I’m hungry and just acting calm until I can get some food in me I just act like a grumpy betch instead. This tells me that the whole self-awareness thing may be accurate!

The self-awareness side of things is touching base on the mind/body connection which I find really cool. The study explains that we should always be mindful and aware of how were feeling and how its effecting our mood. The study showed that the participants who are feeling hungry report other negative emotions like stress, frustration, hatred when they are not tuned into themselves and their bodies.

Its important to pay attention to our bodies, what its telling us and the signals because that means it NEEDS some attention… or food :). 

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Just an FYI… paying attention to what our bodies are telling us are not ONLY important for becoming “hangry” but for our day to day social lives, work performance or other day to day activities.

Soooooooo…. there ya have it, were not psycho hungry gals for nothing, theres actually backed up scientific evidence explaining WHY we get like this. Which I thought was really interesting because man oh man hangry is a flat out accurate description when it comes to me. I guess that tells me my environment is negative, or I need to be a bit more self aware when it comes to my hunger and the emotions that come with it. I’ll try and work on that so my boyfriend doesn’t think I’m a crazy person next time I want to eat.


Pack yourself some snacks 24/7, get your man to make you food (like me) so you don’t get the hangry feels in the first place. Either option is fine…. I’m probably going to go with my second option because food is LIFE and its even better when someone makes it for you.

Hope you enjoyed this topic just as much as me, now go get some snacks!




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