My Self-Care List

I really cannot get enough of self-care, I am in love with every aspect of it and plus its super important for your mental/emotional well-being, stress levels and happiness.

Its important to recognize when your in need of self-care day, you need to unplug, rejuvenate and recoup, take a step back from the craziness that is life, and focus on yourself.

I recognize it right away when I’m feeling burnt out, irritated, sluggish, down & negative, reactive, or feeling anxious. All of those things tell me “hey raquel, you need to take care of you first, you need some alone time to chill and breathe.”


There are a variety of different things that I like to do for self-care which I’m going to share with you in this list. I consider myself more of an introvert because I LOVE spending time by myself. And thats what self-care looks like for me. Spending time alone doing things I love, undisturbed, and some peace and quiet. Like if someone is talking to me, in my face, I just feel like its not all about me and it isn’t as relaxing. But self-care looks differently for everyone you just have to find what works for you, and know what you love to spend time doing. Because I think thats what self-care is all about. Spending your time focusing on YOU and what you like to do, what makes you feel good, what makes you feel at peace, happy, relaxed, whatever you need to do, to make you feel like yourself again is all self-care. For some people it may be shopping, spending time with family or friends, doing makeup or hair, bubble baths, drawing, yoga, etc. I just love everything about self-care and self-care days are mandatory in my books!

Here are my go-to self-care things that I LOVE, and are always a part of my self-care days:

1. Making Coffee and sipping on it really slow

Usually the first thing I do when I get out of bed is put coffee on. Making coffee the way I like it, sipping it throughout the morning while working on my blog or reading is so relaxing to me and makes me feel so at ease. Its such a simple task but always makes me feel happy therefore its a form of self-care. A hot cup of java to start the day is the best!


2. Hydration with lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, pink salt

Once the coffee is on and brewing, I always make my morning drink which involves cold water, a couple squirts of lemon juice, a cap full of apple cider vinegar, and a few pinches of pink Himalayan salt. Pride India is my favorite brand of pink salt, you can check it out here: https://amzn.to/2EkqR5J

To try out my favorite brand of apple cider vinegar click here: https://amzn.to/2SNFLFs

It makes me feel more energized, helps with bloating, digestion and your getting minerals and vitamins right off the hop. It totally wakes my body and digestive system up which I love. I like to sip on this and my coffee first thing in the morning so I feel refreshed and energized.

I talk a little more about this beverage and the benefits in my other blog post: My morning routine


3. Cleaning up (Laundry, making the bed, putting clothes away, organizing).

Living with my boyfriend now is a little bit more messy then what I’m used too. Not saying he’s messy, but just more clothes, more stuff to pick up and organize. I literally cannot be productive or feel good in a messy environment, it drives me crazy and always has. I like the bed made, I like clothes put away or in the laundry basket, I hate clothes or anything laying around on the floor. So doing some tidying up in the morning makes me feel good and clean. I feel way more productive and happy when my space is neat and tidy.

4. Listening to my favourite podcasts

Usually I’m listening to a podcast while I’m cleaning up or sipping on my coffee & salt/lemon/cider vinegar drink. Some of my favourite podcasts that I love to listen to is The Skinny Confidential His & Hers Podcast, they talk about a million different topics related to self love and care, wellness, fitness, nutrition, growing your band, blogging, I’m always learning something new from them. I love The Grind and Be Grateful Podcast by Marie Wold, shes a fitness influencer, always has amazing things to say about accepting and nourishing your body, fitness, confidence, relationship and being a social media influencer. Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn is really good, and I like listening to nutrition facts by Dr. Michel Greger because I’m a nutrition nerd and I love his take on the food industry and plant-based foods.

5. Staying in my pjs & 0 Makeup

Uhmmm duh! This is key for a mental health day in my books. Staying in my pjs or comfy clothes, hair in a big messy bun, no makeup not given a fuckkkkk. Im not a makeup person at all, like when I wear it I literally can’t wait to take it all off and have a fresh clean face. Thats just me. I feel my prettiest and my best with 0 makeup whatsoever so if im having a me day… makeup free it is! And you will not find me dressing up or getting fancy, I feel the best in pjs or a big baggy sweater and sweats.

6. Face masks

I usually always do a face mask when I want to do some self-care and show my skin some love. I’m not that big on beauty or skin care idk why but I love a good face mask. My recent favourite is from glam glow, I got one in a fab fit fun box once and immediately fell in love. Try out a glam glow mask for yourself –> https://amzn.to/2ElWVWJ

Glam Glow uses natural ingredients like green tea leaves which I love, it makes your skin feel clear and soft right after your done with the mask and it smells so nice! My other favourites are avocado and clay masks, because avocados are naturally good for the skin! Check these out here: https://amzn.to/2SOBWzN


7. Reading my favourite books

I am such a diehard book worm always have been. Before I could even fully read or talk my mom said I was always looking at books, trying to make out the words and when I was like in kindergarten I was reading books already no problem. I was reading novels at a really young age and I remember reading to the principal because teachers were so impressed by my reading level. Anyways, I love to read is what I’m trying to say lmao and I love books on foods, nutrition, mindfulness or my biography’s on people I admire as you can see in the picture. Reading some of my favourite books makes me so happy and content so definitely a big part of self-care for me.

You can find any of these amazing books on amazon!

The Power of Now (literally changed my life): https://amzn.to/2PD8ZoK

The untethered Soul (also changed my life): https://amzn.to/2LfozX7

Calming Your Anxious Mind: https://amzn.to/2rzWVLrimg_2960.jpg

8. Journaling

I have always loved journaling and have kept a journal since I was really small like maybe 8 or 9. I love documenting things about my life, or when I’m anxious it helps release some thoughts or feelings, when I’m angry I write everything down because it also helps me release some tension and negative energy. Usually when my thoughts and feelings are written down it helps me react to situations in a clearer mind, and helps me understand my own thoughts more. It just gives me so much clarity when I journal, so I really enjoy it. Sometimes journaling for me means just writing things down that I’m grateful for, which also makes me reflect on the good, simple things in life when other things aren’t going so good.

9. Eating healthy & working out

Something I do every day as a form of self-care but its important to mention it because its amazing for your mind and body. Working out has never really been about weight loss for me, being toned and having muscles is just a bonus! Every time I go to the gym its just me, my music and weights and it makes me feel so confident, empowered and strong. It gives me the chance  to kind of shut the world out and focus on my body. All the endorphins make me feel great for the rest of the day and I just feel so energized as well. Fuelling your body with the proper foods is really important too. Just because you go to the gym doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. NO! Eating right is a form of self-love and respect for your mind and body and all it lets you do. So treat it good, and it will do good things for you!



11. Listening to some low-key relaxing music

Music never fails to cheer me up! Usually I put on some indie pop chill music, something kind of slower and softer to go with my chill mood. A lot of the times I’ll put it on super quiet while I’m reading or something like that, it just relaxes me so much.

12. Netflix – Usually Gilmore Girls

Ending off a self-care day with some Gilmore Girls is the best. This show is hands down the best on tv and Ive never watched anything like it. Its so so so therapeutic for me. Its just so realistic, no phony drama, its just like all about a mother-daughter-grandmother relationship, about school, and about actually working for what you want, its just so great. It makes you feel good, its hilarious, its sad, all in one. Ive watched it so many times and every time I watch it its still just as amazing. If you haven’t watched gilmore girls before I highly recommend it!

I always love hearing what you guys do for self-care routines/days, because I am always open to trying new things! If you don’t have a self-care routine or any ideas on what to do for one, I really hope this post gave you some ideas to try! Think about your hobbies, what you enjoy doing on your spare time, and make a list. What sets your soul on fire, what puts you at ease, what relaxes you, what untangles your mind and thoughts?

I wish you all the best of self-care days, I know I’m enjoying one right now 🙂



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