7 Important Reminders When Life Gets a Little Messy


Happy Friday Lovelies!

I have been a little MIA the last week or so, just taking a little break from instagram and focusing a little more on myself which is needed sometimes. Things have been a little all over the place on my end with switching job locations and moving back home which is another reason I have been a little absent with my blog and social media. Just trying to settle back in to a routine is all.

With all of the change and rearrangement, my eating has not been on point like it usually is and I have not been able to make it to a gym because I haven’t got around to getting a gym membership in my home town yet. I have been kind of stressed so my anxiety and sleep have been all messed up as well which is also super annoying. So hence, I haven’t been so motivated because I have been trying to get my life back into sorts.

This is just life being life, and things like this happen all the time. Change is weird and throws your body and mind out of whack cause its trying to adjust. When change is happens, as human beings we try and resist it and control everything thats happening to give ourselves some peace. But a lot of the times trying to control situations and resisting change leads to anxiety, stress, burnout and other negative energies. Yesterday after a long ass day of work where everything just seemed to be going wrong, I drove almost 3 hours to see my boyfriend (usually doesn’t take that long, the roads were shit and I’ve been too lazy to put on my winter tires), and as soon as I got to his place I literally broke down and cried because I felt so burnt out. BECAUSE I have been resisting all this change going on and I literally just crashed and needed to unwind in the worst way. This is what happens when you stop taking care of yourself guys, SELF CARE IS IMPORTANT. Off my workout routine, not eating healthy, not getting enough sleep and not having any me time is just a disaster in the making. I should know this by now but hey, I’m human and I make mistakes. Sometimes things like this happen as a reminder to alwaaaaays take care of your mind and body.

After all of this happened, I slept a solid 9 hours last night, worked out, ate good and now I am feeling back to normal and I am doing some major reflection. SO ANYWAYS… the whole point of this blog post was to throw up some reminders when life gets kind of messy and share some mantras/quotes/messages/reflections that might lift your spirits, help you chill and go with the flow.

1. Let go of trying to control everything

I have learned that trying to control things that are completely out of your control is so useless and just brings on unnecessary stress and anxiety. Next time your stressed about something stop and think, is this in my control or out of it? Is there anything I can do about the situation? If not, let go and direct your attention to something you can change or just go with the flow of life.

2. Slow down, be present.

I feel like everyone gets so caught up in their life, making plans and acting like life is a big rush. There always hurrying from one place to the next, stressed about the next day and are completely missing whats going on around them. I know its cheesy to say stop and smell the flowers, but seriously just slow the heck down a little. Enjoy simple things in life and realize that everything isn’t as serious as your mind makes it out to be. Enjoy life instead of rushing through it.

3. This feeling will pass

Such a simple reminder but brings me so much peace. Hard times, messy changes, feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, hurt, anger, will alllllll pass if you allow it too. Life goes on and better things are coming your way.

4. You are enough

You don’t need to fix or change anything about yourself if your having an off day or things just aren’t going right. If your feeling down or exhausted or anxious, take time to rest, recharge, relax instead of panicking that somethings wrong with you and you need to fix it NOW. Your perfectly fine the way you are, and its totally normal for thoughts and emotions to get a little messy. That doesn’t mean somethings wrong with you. Its okay to not be okay. Do your best and know your enough and you are worthy.

5. Self-love is not selfish

Taking time to do things you love and cancelling on plans, events, or anything of the sort is NOT selfish. Do not feel guilty for taking time out of your day to focus on yourself. Its honestly so important to re-charge and feel like yourself again. If you’d rather stay in with a loved one or alone, with a good book some snacks and Netflix then DO that, don’t feel guilty for skipping out on a night out because your too exhausted. Just do whats best for you.

6. Its okay to fail and make mistakes

How else do you learn? Mistakes and failure are hard, and there scary and we do everything in our power to try and avoid them and often feel discouraged when it happens. But seriously, embrace failure, embrace those mistakes, focus on the LESSON. I have realized I grow the most after I fall, go through tough times or make mistakes. Its what makes you you, its a part of your story. You learn as you go.

7. Let go of comparing yourself to others

Lets be honest, this doesn’t get us anywhere… ever. I’m guilty of this often and I have to remind myself to step back and stop. If i’m having a bad day, feeling negative my thoughts always go to “oh look at that person, their life is perfect I bet they don’t have bad days” and on and on. As soon as I recognize this negative behaviour I stop myself an remind myself that everyone has bad days, everyone has their own stuff going on, and what other people are doing is not your business. The fact that you are unique, no one else is like you, is a beautiful thing. Focus on your own growth, and your own beauty.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

These are just some things I like to remind myself when the going gets a little tough and life seems unfair. Its refreshing to know that I am enough and that I am not in control. Letting go and just going with the flow of life is super peaceful to me and I wish the same for you. I like to remind myself that I am enough and that I don’t need fixing, just a little self love and nourishment. I hope you remind yourself of all of these as well.

Sending all my love,




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  1. Brandi says:

    You are perfect just as you are….I like the quote “perfect in my imperfection”. We are each unique for a reason! 🙂 It has taken me many years to get to where you are right now Raquel! I am so happy for you to have this knowledge and understanding at your age! What a gift 🙂

    1. Aw Brandi thank you so much for the beautiful comment! It has taken me a while to get to this point and a lot of dark times but they have made me stronger. Uniqueness is the best gift!

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