The Verdict on Pineapple Clothings Workout Wear

Like how adorable is this set?

Happy Friday my friends! 

Alright so I just recently partnered up with a company called Pineapple Clothing which I am really excited about and got my first workout set in the mail yesterday. WOO. If you follow me on instagram you totally would’ve seen me blow up my stories about it. Sorry not sorry. 

This blog post does contain affiliate links for Pineapple Clothing that I have partnered with. I’ve chosen to be an affiliate for this brand because it’s all about empowering women to feel their best and show their uniqueness through colorful, chic patterns which I am all about. Celebrating body positivity, self-love and beauty are my goals for Live and Nourish and I feel partnering with Pineapple Clothing is a great way to portray that. 🙂 

Anyways, I am going to write you guys a full, honest review on the workout wear I just ordered and received in case your interested in ordering from there as well! OR just want to know more about the company. (p.s. I have a discount code for you to use if you want to try a set out ;), will post it at the end of this post and in my instagram stories as well

IF you have never heard about Pineapple Clothing before, its a super unique brand, with really cool, bright, vibrant patterns thats different from any other clothing brand I have used and I love different. Pineapple Clothing celebrates women of all shapes, sizes and age which is really awesome. They also have the CUTEST chic, unique matching mommy and me outfits that are so adorable (makes me want to have a daughter asap. Jk… kinda). But legit though if you have a daughter you’ll love these matching outfits.

They literally have everything from workout wear, maternity wear (also so adorable), girls and women clothes including dresses, tops, sweaters, leggings, etc! Whether your at the gym, at work, a night out, at school, pineapple clothing has your back for fun, chic styles! I just love how different they are and all of the patterns. I am ALL for crazy, colourful, cute patterns when it comes to working out. Solid blacks and greys get boring sometimes. To see all of the fun, creative styles and clothes, check out their website here –>

Pineapple Clothing makes me feel adorable and comfy while drinking my morning coffee and practicing yoga

As you can see, the colours are super vibrant and different and ALSO extremely comfortable. Which is an important aspect of any workout brand. The top and bottom are both a size medium, and they hug my body in a really nice way. There is literally nothing I hate more then ordering workout clothes and they fit you all wrong, bunch up in the crotch, or are just super unflattering. Ladies you feel me on this right?

The good new is that Pineapple Clothing does not bunch up in weird places, the leggings are high waisted which I am ALL for, especially when your feeling bloated or just want to cover up your lower belly a little. High waisted is just way more flattering for the waist and the booty in my opinion, win-win! I also cannot stand when leggings are super tight at the waist-band giving you an annoying muffin top ugh. The waist-band on Pineapple Clothing’s leggings are super stretchy and hug your hips in just the right amount which is an A+ in my books. 

The sports bra also gets an A+ because it holds your girls up very nicely. When I was doing yoga this morning they weren’t flopping around or falling out giving the whole world a show, so that’s a plus. Comfy, fun, well-fitting workout clothes are the BOMB, and I can very confidently say pineapple clothing fits all 3 of those descriptions. I am totally in love. The pattern is just so damn pretty. 

I also did a 20 minute circuit workout right after my yoga practice, and the workout set held the girls in, moved with my body and made me feel beautiful and confident! So if your not into yoga, Pineapple Clothing still has your back.

Now for the exciting part! If you want to try out Pineapple Clothing yourself, I have a personal 20% off code for you to use on your first purchase with Pineapple Clothing! I’m so excited for you guys to try it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

The discount code you can use is: raqlod, so you just type that in when you check out, theres a little box that says discount code and you put in: raqlod for your 20% off!

Click the Link below to get your discount!

I’m sure you will love this brand and all of the adorable outfits just like I did! I dont know why but I am also in love with the name lol. Like Pineapple Clothing? Such a cute name. 

Anyways, I hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend filled with love, laughter, sunshine and coffee! Oh and Happy Pineapple! 🙂 



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