Quick, Effective at Home Workout for the Busy Holiday Season

If you live somewhere like I do which is a small town outside of Winterpeg, being snowed in is a very good possibility making it really hard to get to the gym. Or if you just have a million things to do, cookies to bake, turkeys to cook and presents to wrap you probably won’t have much motivation to workout for an hour. Don’t blame ya.

When that happens, and you still want to get a workout in without leaving your warm, cozy home and that is really quick.. I got your back.

You can STILL get in a really good workout on your living room floor with 0 equipment at all. You don’t need fancy machines or lots of weights in order to complete this circuit and its really effective. I always play around with different body weight exercises and work up a good sweat with no machines or equipment. The key is to take little to 0 breaks, keep your heart rate up and work as hard as you can.

Another really effective tool you can use is youtube! Youtube is magical when you don’t really know what to do for a workout at home. I have youtube so many different workouts just to switch things up or when I don’t have time to get to a gym or I am travelling.

Anyways, I created an at home, 0 equipment, effective, circuit workout for you to try if you are snowed in or super busy over the holidays and you want to get your sweat on. If you have equipment like resistance bands or sliders feel free to use them! But there definitely not necessary to get in a great workout.

Do each of the following exercises for 30 seconds each. Try and take less then 30 seconds break. Push yourself, but don’t go so crazy where you feel sick. It should burn and if you work hard you will sweat.

Circuit 1 (Lower Body)

  • Jump Squat (Alternative, just normal squats)
  • Reverse Lunge (30 sec on one leg for round 1, other leg 30 sec on round 2)
  • Squat w/pulse (GET LOW AS POSSIBLE, in a deep squat and pulse up and down slow)
  • Side (lateral) Lunge (30 sec one leg and the next round do the other)
  • Single Leg deadlift, (30 sec one leg, next round do the other)
starting position for single deadlift
ending position for single leg deadlift
  • Lateral band walk, or no band. (Get low as possible again)

Repeat 2-3 x

Circuit 2 (Abs & Upper body)

  • Mountain Climber with Twist (So instead of bringing your knees directly forward, twist them to the opposite side of your body)
mountain climber with twist
  • Push-ups (On knees if you can’t do a regular pushup)
  • Burpees
  • Tricep Dips (use a coffee table, or couch, get creative)
  • Side Plank W/ Knee tuck (Or just hold side plank as best as you can)
Side plank starting
Side plank with knee tuck

Repeat 2-3 x

I left this 20 minute workout super sweaty and feeling way more energized to tackle all of my last minute Christmas tasks today!

Give it a shot and let me know how it went! If you have any questions about the moves give me shout. Happy Holidays friends, enjoy your time with friends and family! Stay warm and safe.



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