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5 Foods I Love and Eat Everyday

Hellooooo friends and happy FRIDAY!

Literally so amped that it’s Friday and I can’t wait to chillax all weekend and do some major R&R.

Anyways, I have gotten questions lately from people asking me what a day of eating looks like for me so I figured I should share even though I eat the most boring things ever unless I have time to create different stuff.

Also, I really don’t eat the same thing every day but there are a few things I would love to share with you guys that I do consume on a daily basis or try too anyways.

Just an FYI though… I don’t track macros, count calories or anything like that. I don’t force myself to eat “clean” everyday so I can have a “cheat” day once in a while or any bullshit like that. To me that creates a disordered eating pattern and makes food seem like something bad or an enemy. Which it isn’t. Food literally gives us life and energy and nutrients and makes us feel happy so why should we demonize it? What did food ever do to you!?

The foods I eat, I eat because I enjoy them and they make me feel good. I don’t eat foods that taste like shit just because their healthy or promote weight loss or anything like that. I don’t believe in detoxes, weight loss teas, cleanses or resets.

My MAIN priority is never weight loss, but how I feel internally and also how my mental health is. I think thats how it should be. Diet culture can go straight to hell.

Anyways, sorry for that little rant…like I said I eat fairly similar during the week just because I enjoy those foods and it works well with my work routine. The way I eat shifts on my weekends off work because I’m usually spending time with my family or boyfriend which may involve bigger breakfasts or brunches, or bigger dinners which is totally fine.

I’m a pretty basic chick, I don’t like fancy stuff or anything out of the ordinary. What I eat is pretty standard everyday unless theres a special occasion.

Here are some of the things I eat/consume everyday or mostly everyday:

  1. Oatmeal or overnight oats

You guys see me posting about my oats lots on social media because I eat them almost everyday especially when I have to work super early and don’t have a lot of time in the mornings. There just so convenient and taste amazing with the right stuff added!

2. Smoothies w/ Vega Protein powder

I get lots of questions about what protein powder I use or if I use any at all. Well the answer is yes I do but I don’t stray far from my vega protein. Thats the only brand I use and have actually stuck too. I always add it in my smoothies or mix it with almond milk after a workout. If you guys want to try it out heres the link! :

If I wanna get really crazy and have more time on my hands to practice making my food look pretty I will make a smoothie bowl and experiment with those. They always taste amazing and are so satisfying.

3. Salads

Either I do spinach salads with added chickpeas on top or I do a chickpea salad with no lettuce or spinach and add in peppers, avocado, cucumbers and tomatoes which is so delicious. I usually make a home-made dressing with a bit of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, a dash of salt, and mustard. Super tasty!

I love salads because there so versatile, you can put anything in it really and mix it up. There really easy to whip up and take when you are forever on the go like me.

4. Sandwiches (Also with chickpeas, or grilled cheese with dairy free cheese)

I LOVE a good sandwich. My favorite is Chickpea salad sandwiches, there so flavourful and filling with that plant-based protein. Yes I am a chickpea addict. You can find that recipe here:

Or I love doing grilled cheese sandwiches with dairy-free cheese and avocado, also AMAZING. Like honestly though who doesn’t love sandwiches? People have been saying for years that bread is the enemy but I disagree. It depends on the type of bread and my usual is sprouted grain which is way better for you then rye or white or other multigrain breads.

5. Toast

Either chickpea/avocado toast or peanut butter, or peanut butter and banana. I love toast so much don’t ask me why I just love the taste and with the right toppings its satisfying and fills me up. When I’m not eating oats or smoothies in the morning, I’m eating toast! 🙂

My go-to bread is sprouted grain bread cause its the less processed and has the most fibre. The brands I go for are Daves Killer Bread, I have found this in superstores or safeway, as well as Silver Hills 100% Sprouted Power Bread.

Beverage Wise: (Thought I would include this in case you guys were curious)

  1. ALWAYS tons of water (my main beverage all day)

In the mornings I always do a cap full of apple cider vinegar, pink himalayan salt, and lemon juice with about 1 L of water. Apple cider vinegar has so many benefits like improved digestion and decreases bloating, lemon juice has so many benefits too plus you are getting vitamin C. The pink himalayan salt I like to add just to get minerals in my body first thing in the morning. The salt contains trace minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorous and chloride.

Then throughout the day I sip on water so I end up consuming about 4-5 L of water. Its a lot but hydration is honestly so important. Check out my Blog post Hydration 101 to read more on the importance of staying hydrated:

2. Coffee

Ya’ll knowww I am a huge coffee lover. I am forever posting it about my love for coffee on social media. Its just so damn good and I find it so relaxing in the mornings. I always do a splash of almond milk or my silk almond coffee creamer that comes in hazelnut, coconut or vanilla I think. I do enjoy it black as well but not my favourite.

3. Tea

I LOVE tea, and I love winding down my day with it. My go-to tea is always peppermint, its so relaxing and soothing. Lately I have been drinking this tea with turmeric and ginger which is also really good. And I love Chai tea, it has the best flavor and also very energizing in my opinion. I’m not the biggest fan of green teas, I know there supposed to be soooo good for you and all this but they just taste super bland to me so no thanks.

4. Kombucha

This isn’t a daily thing for me, but whenever I have the chance to grab one I will but there generally a little pricey. My favorite brand of kombucha is Synergy, Rise or Kevita. Kombucha has live bacteria cultures making it a great probiotic therefore great for your gut microbiome and health. Probiotics boost your immune system helping you fight off diseases and viruses.

Well there ya have it! Some of my favorite things that I consume every day or almost everyday depends on whats going on in my life.

I really don’t stress about the foods that I eat or use foods as a tool to lose weight or shrink my body. I use it for nourishment and for fuel and like I said, I eat foods because they taste good and feel good. I never drink or eat foods that taste like ass only because there a “clean” food. Also I am moving away from labeling foods as clean or dirty or whatever because it promotes an unhealthy relationship with foods.

So don’t think you have to eat these just because I do. If you do try them and implement them in your diet and LOVE them then thats amazing and I am glad I was able to help you out. I want you to find foods you love as well and eat them because you truly enjoy them and make you feel nourished and happyyyyyyyy.

Enjoy your Friday! I know I will 🙂



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