Fabletics Review and Why You Should Order

I LOVE Fabletics, and Kate Hudson obviously but I mean, who doesn’t? She’s FAB, beautiful, hilarious and super fit!

You have all seen those commercials right? Kate Hudson looking fab in her Fabletics wear making us all want to rush to the website and buy? Maybe not all of you but I definitely did. And you will probably want to after reading my blog post !

I am obsessed with buying new workout clothes, its a bad addiction. But it motivates me to workout so it’s kind of like a win-win situation.

Fabletics has created just this overall amazing, empowering image and community for women. They post pictures of women of all shapes and sizes, smiling with confidence and rocking the shit out of their outfits. It makes me so happy to see brands celebrate all women, not just ones that have Victoria secret type bodies. NOT shaming those girls but I just love to see ALL women being celebrated.

I have also been watching those Fabletics commercials for a while contemplating buying some. I didn’t know that they shipped from Canada first of all, so I waited forever until I finally made the purchase. Let me tell you, they are worth every penny!

The amazing thing about Fabletics is that its SO. AFFORDABLE. I am not even exaggerating. And I love a good deal, especially when it comes to workout clothes.

BUT the thing I love most about this brand is that there clothing line is made for working out but its also super chic and stylish making it totally suitable to wear out or in public. It’s like getting cute day-to-day wear PLUS workout clothes, 2 in 1…. Score!

Don’t you hate when you have an ol’ pair of sweats and a t-shirt, dripping sweat having to get the mail after the gym and your like dodging people left and right? Yeah with Fabletics you can rock that shit right after the gym anywhere and feel super confident while doing it.

I literally have worn the tights from Fabletics on a night out a few times because they compliment the legs, hips and booty too nicely to not show off.

I love the system of this brand and how the whole thing works. I will break it down for you guys because I’m obsessed and I think after you read this you will go check their stuff out

So when you sign up for the first time you can become a VIP member and then the first time you buy from Fabletics you get 2 leggings for $24 dollars.… thats it. To me that was an insane deal because I go to lulu or Under Armour or even freaking Ardenes lately and 2 pairs of leggings is $50 – $200. No thanks.

Anyways, once you are a VIP member, then you get credit every month that is automatically billed to your card. So from the 1st – 5th of every month you get like a $60-$68 credit and get to use it on whatever you want. Plus you get more deals then if you weren’t a VIP member. I bought a pair of leggings, a long sleeve top thats super cute and a workout tank all for the $60 credit. The original price of the 3 of those combined would’ve been over $150 so your basically getting everything for more than 50% off.

BUT the thing is if you don’t want to be charged that credit at the beginning of the month then you DON’T have too. Just go to the Fabletics store and go to your account settings between the 1st and the 5th of the month and click “skip this month” and then you won’t get charged.

Lets talk quality.

Because the absolute worst thing to me is when you spend money on leggings and then they rip after a week or a month, there see-through or make you look frumpy in all the wrong places.

I can honestly tell you guys that the quality of Fabletics leggings is AMAZING! its not like your getting cheap, shitty leggings for $24 dollars. There totally squat proof meaning they are not see-through when you bend over or stretch or anything which is a bonus. The fabric is stretchy and fits over the booty which is a huge bonus for me and they are higher waisted which I LOVE. They also don’t bunch up in the crotch which is annoying and a lot of tights I have tried do this.

The leggings, the tops and the sports bras all hug your body so nicely and fit amazing. It’s always skeptical buying clothes online but I have been so happy with everything I have ordered from there so far.

Especially with sports bras because if you have bigger boobs you want something with high support and something that actually keeps the girls in when you are working out.

Last thing, but NOT least. I am just obsessed with how ADORABLE all of the outfits are. Like the patterns go so well together and they just look so chic and cute I wanna buy everything from there.

As you guys know I love the colour pink so naturally I got this adorable cute tank shown in the pictures (side medium, it foots looser and super comfy) and pink crop, workout tights with pockets. Love, love, love!

But if your not a pink fanatic, they have shirts and tights and sweaters in literally every colour and they all look so pretty and fashionable. Because I hate when patterns on workout clothes are colorful but just look.. trashy or something. Yenno?

Fabletics has everything from tanks, to t-shirts, to sweaters, pull-overs, jackets, shorts, tights, capris, and workout gear like yoga mats, headbands, water bottles. All the goodies.

I actually just ordered a yoga mat from there and couldn’t wait to try it out. Practically screamed when I got the mail I was so excited and also tore the shit out of the package to get it open as fast as possible. The yoga mat doesn’t slip or slide when your on it which is what I was aiming for. I had an old one that my mom bought years ago and it slides all over the place when I’m trying to practice my fucking downward dog. Super annoying.

Seriously you guys you really have to try Fabletics out if you have not already. Affordable, comfy, chic, squat proof, flattering, what more could a girl ask for!? will take you straight there where you can shop the looks and make the best purchase of your damn life!

IF you order, let me know what you got and what your thoughts are on it in the comments. I love hearing everyones opinions about different workout brands and chatting about it.

This top, tights and sports bra are all from Fabletics!

I hope you enjoy Fabletics as much as I have!

Chow for now,



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