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Swap Out Checking Your Phone in the Morning for Self-Care



Happy Friday beautiful people!

I would be super excited about the weekend and what not but I, unfortunately work super early both Saturday and Sunday so my Friday night party will be me meditating, stretching, journalling, reading then passing out before 10 pm.

Anyways, I want to share something with you guys that I have been doing for the past few days (I know its a short time, but I’m already in love) that has been an ABSOLUTE game changer for my day and not sure why I never did it before. I mean I tried to do it but it never really lasted.

What I am talking about is waking up, with no phone. Like spending the first hour or so of your morning off your phone, not going on social media, not checking snapchat, facebook, instagram, checking emails, DM’s or anything like that.

I am SO BAD for waking up, and immediately checking my phone. Like grabbing it the second I open my eyes and think “who liked my picture, who commented, how many followers did I get, oh this person snapped me, I wonder if I got any new emails, why didn’t I get this many likes.” and ON and ON.

Then I will literally lay there and scroll mindlessly through instagram, facebook, snap and twitter worried about what everyone else is doing.


Can you guys relate?? I feel its such a terrible habit, spikes my cortisol right away which is a terrible way to wake up, and just sets an overall negative tone for the rest of my day. Because If I see something I don’t like then I stress and worry and all hell breaks loose. Awful.


So like I said, for the past few days I have been waking up and NOT checking my phone at all and honestly I fucking love it. Not sure why I didn’t stick to it before but it is a tough habit to break and I am still in the process of breaking it.

Here is what I have been doing for the first hour of the morning INSTEAD of scrolling on my phone:

— So the first thing I have been doing after getting out of bed, going pee, brushing my teeth and stuff like that (sorry for the details but I wanna be specific with you guys), is going to grab my big water bottle, filling it to the top, add in some ice, my apple cider vinegar and a pinch or two of pink himalayan salt. Lately I have been adding cucumber instead of lemon because it kind of tastes like spa water and balances out the acidity of the ACV really nicely. Also I have been adding ice to my water too because the cold wakes me and my lymphatic system up.

— From there I will go back downstairs, turn on my essential oil diffuser which is usually peppermint, tea tree or lavender, and then get back into bed and meditate for about 10 minutes. I meditate to the Headspace app which I’m obsessed with. I love his voice and how he guides you through each sequence.

— Once I am done meditating, I will grab my headphones that are beside my bed and put on a podcast. Which is usually The Grind and be Grateful podcast by Marie Wold, The Skinny Confidential: Him and Hers Podcast or The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes. I like to listen to something motivational in the mornings instead of educational ones so I am more ready to crush the day.

— While I am listening to my podcast I will then go and grab myself coffee, I will make my bed, clean up a little, light some candles, and do some light stretching to get some blood flow going.

— After I listen to about 20-30 minutes of a podcast, I will journal. So when I journal I will either write out my thoughts, anything I am worried about, something that’s stuck in my head, or any other ruminating thoughts. Or I will just write about how I am feeling or anything else thats going on in my life. Then (and this is key) I will write down 3 Things I am Grateful For, so a gratitude list. I have been doing this for a while and I love it. I try to think of 3 different things every day to expand my mind and think of all the amazing things In my life.

— Once I am done writing in my journal, usually the hour is up so I will kind of look at my phone but not scroll or check all of social media. I’ll reply to a couple comments on my picture If I have any, text my boyfriend or something like that. Then I will do a bit of reading and just kind of hang out.

Honestly this has been creating such a positive tone for my day, I feel more relaxed, at peace and so much more motivated when I don’t go on my phone as soon as I wake up or spend lots of time on it.

I find it so unhelpful, so unproductive and just a waste of time.

One of my goals for 2019 is to actually overall spend less time scrolling mindlessly through social media, there’s so much negative shit on there and honestly it does nothing for me. It does not serve me purpose so I want to step away from that. I love reading and following accounts that are inspirational, positive and motivational so those I will definitely pay attention too. But tune out all the other bullshit.

I recommend you do this too because I am sure most of you are guilty of this as well when you could be doing something much more beneficial or productive for yourself and your life.

I am not saying to do exactly what I do in the morning, I am just giving you tips and ideas that maybe you want to try and that may work for you!

You should implement things that you LOVE to do and make you feel good. Make a list of all the things that serve you purpose and give you all the good, happy vibes or something that puts you at peace and is relaxing. Then try and implement them into a morning routine and see how you like it.

It might take some experimentation to figure out a few things that you actually want to do every day to have a meaningful, positive day!

By doing a simple action of not checking my phone in the morning, and swapping in self-care instead, I found that I am:

less reactive throughout the day

more motivated

more at peace

more loving and kind to people around me

more grateful for all of the little things

My overall mood and sleep have improved

Try this out, and let me know how getting off your phone for the first hour of your day has had a positive impact on your life!

Also If you want to try any of the products I use like my diffuser, oils, journal, etc, I linked them all at the bottom 🙂 <3 

Have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend! … and for my Manitoba friends, STAY WARM !





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