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Here’s What Happened After Not Going To the Gym For 2 Months

Yeah… you read the title. 2 MONTHS of not being in a gym.

Just to clear things up, I have still been working out consistently but they just have not involved gym-based workouts or lifting heavy weights for 45 minutes to an hour. which is what I have been doing the past 6-7 years.

My workouts have been yoga, low resistance workouts using bands, sliders and 5 lb dumbbells, no equipment at home workouts, circuit workouts, and some pilates. So I have been still been active, walking lots and jogging when it isn’t -50 outside (UGH to all my Manitoba readers).

There isn’t a big reason why I haven’t been going to the gym except that life has been super crazy, inconsistent, lots of moving around and living out of a suitcase. No joke.

Now that I have found more of a full-time job in my boyfriends home town and we are shacking up soon, I am going to be getting back to a consistent gym routine and I am really excited about that.

I am STILL going to be incorporating yoga into my workout regimen because it just makes me feel so good, it gives me the chance to connect with my body and my breath, and slow down from my busy life. I highly recommend you all do some sort of mindful practice daily because it is seriously life changing. Especially if your a generally anxious person and always feel the need to be busy.

Anyways, the point of this blog post wasn’t to give you a life story, but to show and talk with you guys about how skipping the gym or taking some time off is not going to ruin your progress or make you gain 10 pounds. I know it feels that way but trust me thats not how it is.

I am also not telling you that you need to take 2 months off from the gym. I have still been working out and being active but just not as intense, heavy lifting, hour long gym sessions as I usually do. And I haven’t been stressing about it.

I’m telling you that IF you feel like you want to take a break from going to the gym and you are exhausted and want to try something new, or do workouts that are a little less intense and short amounts of time, THAT. IS. OKAY.

My workouts for the past couple months have been less then an hour long. Most of the time only 30 minutes and that has been enough time for me with my crazy schedule. 30 minutes is enough to make me feel good, energized and confident.

Doing this for the past 2 months has showed me that 20-30 minutes a day is enough and I don’t need to spend hours in the gym to be fit, toned or have a rockin’ bod. You don’t either!

Being away from the gym did give me some anxiety because its just a part of me. My old disordered thoughts wanted to trickle their way into my brain saying “your going to lose muscle, you are going to gain weight, your metabolism is going to drop, you are going to lose your ass.” Also, a part of me was like well your not going to the gym so you have to eat less. ALSO NOT TRUE. That is restrictive, disordered behaviour and will not make you happy.

You do not have to eat less in order to make up for loss gym time.

Heres the thing: You will not lose a lot of muscle in 2 months of time. Plus I was still doing conditioning, yoga, and low resistance workouts which used different muscles but I was still building strength and cardio, just not as intensely or long sessions. Like I said, 30 minutes.

So going to the gym is not everything, you can be fit and get toned doing workouts at home or doing things beyond a gym.

If I’m being completely honest though, getting back into the gym after 2 months of not going… really kicked my butt. Just shows you how different aspects of fitness use completely different muscles and different areas of strength.

The AWESOME thing about your muscles is that it they actually have a memory making it easier to gain muscle back that you may have once lost and feel stronger quicker. Muscle memory is a real thing guys.

Sooo…..What happened after 2 months of not going to the gym is…… not a whole lot.

I don’t know if I actually gained weight because I don’t weigh myself, all my clothes still fit the same, I felt good, and I was happy. I wasn’t restricting or abusing food or exercise in any way, I was not sabotaging my mental health. Just goes to show that the gym is NOT everything and as long as your moving your body or doing exercise that you love, eating well and eating ENOUGH with balance of course (I love pizza and chocolate), You will be fine. And most likely a lot happier without stressing about workouts or food.

I am also not dissing the gym because WOW did it feel to get back. I will always love lifting weights because it makes me feel strong, powerful and confident. But again, it’s okay to take breaks and focus on other aspects of fitness or other aspects of life even if it’s uncomfortable.

Be kind to yourselves, listen to your body, and don’t punish it. Your body will love you in return.






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