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My 2019 Resolutions

Yeah yeah I know what your thinking. Its already February and I am a month and a bit late on the whole resolution thing…Well GUESS WHAT?? Better late then never.

And to be completely honest I didn’t really come up with any resolutions until a week or so ago. And It’s not like I was trying to come up with any, they just kind of appeared in my brain and I was like hey! I could totally make that a resolution.

I am not one to usually set resolutions for myself probably because whenever I used to try it was something super unproductive, unhealthy and self-sabotaging and I would be over it before January 10th.

For example, I would be like I wanna lose 10 pounds or I want to fit into a size 2, or I want to not eat junk food for a whole month. Something insane like that that isn’t helping my growth or mental well-being at all. The funny thing is that I never realized how unhealthy it was to set resolutions like that for myself. It was just always about weight loss, diets, food or workouts for me.

I think its that way with a lot of people which is sad because there is so much more to life then diets and working out. Like SO much more. This past year has definitely been really eye opening for me and I learned a lot about myself, diet culture, my relationship with food and working out, and how to stop obsessing over it.

SO my new year resolutions are all about self-care, being a better person, taking care of my mental health and looking at life in a brighter sense. Because THAT is what really matters you guys. 

I want to share these resolutions with you for a couple reasons.

  • I want you guys to have more of an open mind when it comes to resolutions. It doesn’t have to always be about shrinking yourself, changing your appearance or being a certain size to make OTHER PEOPLE happy. There are so many other things to work on or improve on that are so much healthier for you.
  • I want to give you guys ideas that look beyond weight loss so you can try them too! (If you already have this down pat then you go girl!!)

Alrighty now for the goods because I know you can’t wait to hear em. 

My 2019 Resolutions: 

1. To stop scrolling so much on social media. 

Okay I know for a fact that you all are guilty of this too, and also don’t realize how unproductive it is plus it can be SO negative and depressing.

How many of you scroll for like hours, looking at all the fitspos, insta models or any other girl you compare yourself too, or people with negative energy, honestly just anyone that puts a damper on your mood. Cause I know I am so guilty of this and then after so much time scrolling.. I’m like wow I feel like crap. Or wow I could have been doing something so much more productive that whole time like work on my blog, read, journal, study, workout, something!

I am so over scrolling through social media.

2. Waking up WITHOUT my phone

Again, I am terrible for waking up and grabbing my phone as soon as my eyes are open. I just feel like I have to know immediately who texted me, snapped me, called me, any new followers on insta or facebook, who viewed my blog posts, and then I find myself scrolling to catch up with the time missed.

Like I just HAVE to know what everyone else is doing. But why? Seriously what is the point. 

So I am taking a step back because like I said, scrolling is a waste of time and definitely not the way to wake up and start off your day. I mean it puts such a negative start on my morning so I am leaving that in 2018.

Instead of grabbing my phone I am doing self-care to the max. I will meditate, drink my ACV, water, himalayan pink salt and lemon (or lately cucumber), journal, write a gratitude list, listen to a podcast, and read. All of my favorite things. IF I have time, sometimes I only have time to do just meditation like yesterday which is totally okay.

Doing things that I love and for ME, like starting off the day dedicated to myself and taking care of my mental health and body. I recommend you try it.

I talk more about this in my other blog post  Swapping out your phone in the morning for self-care

3. Being more grateful 

This for me, is really important. Because up until recently I never thought about how grateful I am for this life, my family, my boyfriend or all the little things that happen to me every single day. It just opens up your perspective on how much you have to appreciate.

I feel like we always get so caught up in the negatives yenno? Not a good look.

Whenever I journal (I try to everyday) I have been writing down 3 things I am grateful for, and I try to make them different each time. Obvious but important ones are your friends, family, boyfriend but I try and be more specific. Like the first sip of coffee in the morning, the way my feet feel in my slippers, or the smell of the air when its softly snowing. Little things like that that really open up your mind.

Those are the things that make life beautiful. 

4. Being more present.

Such a tough thing to work on since our minds are on the move like 24/7. But meditation really helps with this one.

When im driving to work, getting dressed, showering or even eating, I try and stay present. Just to really be in the moment when I do stuff instead of think about the day ahead, what I have to do or anything negative that might be happening in the ol’ brain at the time.

Like have you ever really paid attention to those times and how your food really tastes, or how the water feels on your skin in the shower. It will make you feel so much more peaceful and alive because you are getting out of your head and into your life that you’ve been missing.

When Im driving I feel like I am always so lost in thought that I miss everything thats happening in life right now. So this is something I want to work on.

Definitely super tricky because wow our minds suck at being quiet.


Thats all I have folks! My 2019 resolutions.

I am dedicated to them because they are so much more meaningful to me and are beneficial to my wellbeing. Recognize how I have nothing about food, diets or weight loss? 

Uhm…. Because theres more to life.

Hope you enjoyed the read, and I hope you make some resolutions for yourself that are meaningful and positive.

Talk soon!



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