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My Tips For Staying Motivated

Motivation is something everyone struggles with from time to time.

Whether its motivation for getting into a consistent gym routine, eating healthier, working on your side hustle, school, drinking enough water… whatever it is that you are working on, I bet you have struggled with staying motivated.

And I hear ya loud and clear because staying motivated can be really hard, and some days making it to the gym feels like the hardest task in. the. world. Sometimes I struggle to find motivation to put clothes on in the morning. Thats life and we all have those days.

In my eyes, I have had a lot of accomplishments in my life that required a lot of motivation. Finishing school and getting a degree (lemme tell ya I struggled lots with that), starting my blog and maintaining it, doing my personal training certification, applying for jobs, being active on my social media everyday, finding time to take care of myself, and a lot of little things.

There are days where I have absolutely 0 motivation to write a blog post or do anything associated with my blog at all. And I think “Damn this is too much work, people don’t care anyways.” or where I’m like “Uggghhh I don’t feel like meditating or journalling.” Even though I know its so beneficial and I’m always happy I did. That is LIFE, and it’s normal to have those days.

BUT when those days do happen, I do kick myself in the butt, give myself a pep talk and practice things everyday that I believe keep me motivated, driven, and back to achieving my goals.

Here are my top tricks and tips for staying motivated


1. Morning routines 

I honestly believe this is KEY to staying motivated so if you do not have a morning routine then I highly recommend you implement one.

Don’t you hate when you wake up and something goes wrong or you see/hear something that annoys you right when you open your eyes… then the WHOLE day just sucks because of that thing that happened. Lets avoid that k?

Waking up slow, without stress, and doing things that you love, is so important to setting a positive, MOTIVATING tone for your whole day. Like the first bit of your morning dedicated to yourself? Doesn’t that sound lovely. Call me selfish but I don’t care because checking in with yourself and taking care of you before anyone else makes a big difference in your attitude and mood.

When I wake up and something upsets me right away or I don’t set time for myself first before I tackle any task, I find I am way more reactive, less peaceful and calm, less energetic, more irritated and not as motivated.

So don’t mess with me unless I’ve meditated, journaled and listened to a podcast.

2. Remembering my WHY

This is a big one too, because when your busy and stressed it’s so easy to lose sight of the whole reason you started doing what your doing anyways.

When I’m unmotivated to write a blog post or share something on my social media I think to myself okay why did you start this blog? To inspire and motivate others, to raise awareness and help people with their mental health, to change how people view themselves and reduce diets/diet culture, promote balance, intuitive eating and keep it REAL.

Whenever I remind myself of that why, I remember how passionate I am about mental health, nutrition and self-love and if I keep talking about it and sharing, it could help someone else. And that is the whole reason I started in the first place.

I recommend writing your why somewhere or thinking about it for a minute. Why are you waking up an hour early to get in self-care, why are you going to the gym right now, why are you adding an extra serving of fibre into your diet, why are you writing a book,  WHATEVER it is that your working towards remember the reason you started.

3. Podcasts

My favorite! I love listening to podcasts in the morning, in the shower or on my drives to work. They are so motivating and I learn so much whenever I tune in.

My favorite podcasts to listen to are:

  • The Skinny Confidential: His and Hers Podcast
  • Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher
  • The Grind and Be Grateful Podcast by Marie Wold
  • Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn
  • The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

All of these are so motivational and always give me a kick in the butt when I am feeling down on myself or unmotivated. If your not a podcaster I suggest you give some a listen. They are 100% free and there is so much knowledge and motivation to gain from them.

4. Looking at my goals daily or often

I literally have a list of goals on the first page of my journal so I have to look at them everyday and its so helpful.

It keeps them locked into my brain and I am always reminded of what I want to accomplish in the next year, 5 years or 20 years.

I recommend writing a list of your goals somewhere you can see them everyday. Like a reminder on your phone, a sticky note on your fridge or by your bathroom mirror, wherever works for you!

By the way, goals don’t have to be business related. It could be financially related like one of my goals for the year is to save enough money to go towards buying a house with my boyfriend.

Make sure its something you are really passionate about and they are YOUR goals, not your parents goals, your friends or your boyfriends goals. They have to mean something to you otherwise you are going to have no desire to work towards them or achieve them.

Also, get specific with your goals, give yourself a deadline so it pushes you to get there.

5. Staying organized

Maybe this is just me but I literally cannot work or focus when I am in a cluttered space or my crap is all over the place. I need to have my stuff organized in a day planner, a journal or somewhere.

I just ordered this blog planner you see in the pictures and I am already in love. It organizes all of my blog goals, my content, my social media platforms, my statistics, EVERYTHING. And that kind of organization makes me a happy gal.

At the beginning of the week I like to write out ideas for my blog posts for the week and have an idea for my social media posts as well. I need to work on being more precise and consistent with this one because to be honest a lot of the time I don’t plan it out, and I am scrambling everyday thinking about what to post. WHICH MAKES ME LOSE MOTIVATION!!

Organization = productivity = motivation.

So I am hoping this blog planner organizes my stuff a bit better and motivates me to plan my week out consistently.

For all my readers who are gym rats, organization helps big time with staying motivated for the gym. For me anyways.

I like to plan out my week and make it consistent. Ex – Monday: Legs/glutes, Tuesday: Chest, Tri’s, Wednesday: Back/Biceps, etc.

Then I plan out my workout because I’m not a fan of going to the gym with no plan and being like okay no what? No I need a plan and it motivates me to power through.

Being organized keeps me motivated in like every aspect of my life and I think it could benefit you as well.

6. Eating well & Staying Hydrated

IMPORTANT in all aspects of life obviously but I find eating well and drinking enough water gives me energy and keeps me feeling good.

When I feel good and have energy you better believe I am motivated to crush some goals!

I find eating highly processed, less nutrient dense foods just give me brain fog, make me feel so sluggish and then I end up just wanting to nap for 4 hours. So my motivation is basically non-existent.


Well I really hope this post gave you the motivation you needed to get through your work day, work on your side hustle, drink more water or anything that you are working towards!

If you have other tips for staying motivated I wanna hear them!

Let me know in the comments.

Chat soon,



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