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Why Detoxes, Weight loss Teas/Coffees, or Cleanses DON’T Work


This topic has been brewing in my mind for quite some time now because lately I have been seeing Detoxes, cleanses, weight loss teas/coffees being promoted everywhere!

Going to be completely honest, it takes a lot for me to not comment on those posts and hit them with some real truth about how those weight loss products work. But I have to tell myself “Okay raquel only give your opinion directly to someone if they ask. If they don’t ask then don’t butt in.”

I don’t blame people for believing in all of this crap though, its hard not too when people with large social media followings, celebrities and tv commercials left and right PROMOTE weight loss teas, waist trainers, body wraps, juice cleanses, etc.

Those kinds of people have a lot of influence on others and if people aren’t aware of the research behind those products, OF COURSE they are going to believe that they work and will solve all their weight loss and/or health issues.

Especially when they show you before and after pics of people who supposedly took the product and lost a bunch of weight. So again, your like damn that actually works!

Diet culture is fooling you.

And its fooling you even more by paying big names to promote it so it looks even more legit.

If you are curious about why I don’t believe in detoxes or cleanses, keep on reading because I am about to give out some cold hard truth.


A “Detox” is actually not a real thing. It doesn’t mean what you think anyways.

A detox is really a medical term that has been flipped into a marketing strategy for weight loss products and companies that sell Skinny Teas and Coffees, Fit teas and Cleanses.

A legitimate detox occurs in a hospital for life threatening conditions like poison in your body, too much drugs or alcohol.

Somehow though, we have been brainwashed into believing that we need to detox our bodies with teas, juices and supplements to get rid of food additive, preservatives, too much salt, meat, GMO’s, or maybe you feel the need to detox after drinking too much wine from the night before.

We are taught by these companies that eating “bad” food and drinking alcohol builds up toxins in our bodies and we have to get rid of it NOW.

Detoxes also tell us that we have build up “sludge” and bacteria in our colon from food or booze and that we have to flush it out.

The funny thing about that is when you look at science or ask a gerontologist, they will tell you this so called “sludge” doesn’t exist. It’s literally made up by these companies to sell detoxes and cleanses.

And we believe them so easily without researching it!


If your body actually built up or held onto toxins…. you would have more serious issues than bloating or weight gain.

Toxin build up = illness (Cancer, auto-immune disorders, kidney failure, etc). BTW a detox will not cure those illnesses if that isn’t obvious already.

To establish which types of toxins cause those illnesses require TONS of scientific, epidemiology research so they can find out the name of the toxin and what illness it is related too.

Detox or cleanses tell you you are removing toxins from your body but they can’t tell you which ones or get specific on HOW they remove toxins…. because they can’t.

There is no proof on the type, name, or any description at all of the toxins that they are supposedly removing.

What does that tell you?


Our bodies are exposed to toxins and chemicals (natural or synthetic) on a daily basis, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are harmful and we need to remove them or flush them out.

Our bodies are actually pretty amazing and they can distinguish between something thats harmful and something that isn’t.

We already have natural, built-in defense mechanisms and systems in place to get rid of harmful substances that could potentially cause diseases.

Hellooooo thats what our LIVERS are for?? We don’t need to waste money on detox teas or juice cleanses or any similar product to do that for us. Plus they don’t work.

Our Livers, Kidneys, Colon, Lymphatic system, Gastrointestinal system and even our Skin make up our complex, amazing detoxification process. NOT detox, cleanses, or weight loss products sold by companies.

Sorry to break it to you.

Detoxes and cleanses tell you that our organs and our bodies need to be flushed out periodically like a sponge but our bodies simply don’t work this way.

If your liver notices something that is toxic or harmful, it will perform a series of chemical reactions so that toxin is eliminated in your bile or urine.

The liver then CLEANSES ITSELF without any assistance and toxins don’t just accumulate in it because you ate too much processed food over the holidays or a lot of wine the night before.

Again.. thats not how our bodies work.

UNLESS you have a liver disease or another issue with your liver, it will function well with no problems and will not hold onto or build up toxins. And if that is the case, please seek medical attention, don’t do a freakin cleanse.

The kidney works the same, by eliminating unwanted substances through your urine all on its own.

Detoxes and cleanses simply ignore the science of biology, toxicology, human physiology and your metabolism completely.


What makes detoxes or cleanses any different then fad crash diets that work for a short period of time and then you gain all your weight back and then some?

It’s not a sustainable, healthy lifestyle change and there are no research proving long-term weight loss or health benefits. So why waste your time and money?

Anything that requires you to cut out solid foods, carbs, fats, proteins, or any food group, or decrease your calorie intake to 1200 a day, that is not going to support your bodies energy, calorie or nutritional           needs.

If you are going to do a cleanse for whatever reason, ATLEAST eat enough calories and nutrient dense foods on top of it. Do not starve or deprive your body with a detox or juice cleanse because you are not flushing out toxins in the first place.

But I am not going to tell you how to live your life so if you choose to do one, eat enough calories on top of it. Your metabolism, brain muscles, and organs will thank you.

Detoxes and cleanses aren’t going to negate processed or less nutrient dense foods out of your body, thats just not how it works.


Here is my suggestion to live a healthy, nourished, happy, balanced life: 

  • Eat enough everyday. (1200 calories isn’t enough btw)
  • Eat nutrient dense foods everyday. (fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, seeds)
  • Allow yourself to have pizza, ice cream or cookies if you want too. Stop labelling them as “bad” and associating those foods with guilt. You are allowed to eat those foods and enjoy your life.
  • Move your body in ways you love. Whether thats walking, lifting weights, running, yoga, spin classes, dancing, etc.
  • Drink enough water
  • Take your focus away from weight loss and diets. Shift your Focus on loving your body and giving it the proper nutrition to function properly.

Weight will take care of itself. If you feel good, you are eating enough, your eating healthy without restrictions and you feel freedom from food and don’t feel guilty, don’t worry about the scale. If doing this makes you gain a bit of weight then your weight is probably supposed to be there.

If you have to restrict, do cleanses, detoxes, diets, workout hours at a time and associate foods with guilt and as “good” or “bad” do stay at a certain weight, chances are your weight isn’t supposed to be there.


Thanks for tuning in and reading guys! It is so appreciated, your awesome!

If you have had an experience with a diet, fad, cleanse, detox or anything of the sort that didn’t go as expected or you had a bad experience let me know in the comments. Or if you have any questions, comments, concerns. I always want to hear your feedback.

Chat soon,














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