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Celery Juice Craze: Facts or Fad?

I have been seeing this Celery Juice thing EVERYWHERE, how about you guys?

If you have facebook, snapchat and especially instagram I am sure you have seen at least one person you know raving about celery juice and why you need to start drinking it right away.

The blogger and nerd in me couldn’t avoid this craze so naturally I had to do my research and see what all this celery stuff is about.

My first instinct was “this is another silly fad people are following because they heard some high up instagram guru with a high following preach about it, with little to none scientific evidence.”

Well folks, turns out I was right. And I usually am (just kidding… kinda)

In all seriousness though, searching through research articles on celery and celery juice, and searching what actual registered health and nutrition professionals have to say about celery juice…

It’s just another silly fad.

I mean, I am not saying that celery itself doesn’t have any proven health benefits. Because it does, but thats not why I think the trend is ridiculous.

Celery is a very good source of:

  • Fibre
  • Vitamin K (role in bone metabolism and prevents osteoporosis)
  • Calcium and silicone (strengthen bones)
  • High antioxidant activity (protects against disease and anti-aging)
  • Potassium (promotes cellular integrity and is energizing)
  • Polyacetylene and luteolin (anti-inflammatory properties)

and thats just to name a few.

Except for when it comes to studies on the actual celery juice that people are consuming…. the scientific evidence is lacking and the few studies there are done, is done on animals not humans.

I believe that drinking celery juice is harmless and if you want to have some go for it. You probably are getting a lot of these nutrients but just an FYI you are completely stripping the fibre though by just drinking the juice. Just sayin’.

THE PROBLEM I have with this whole celery juice thing.. is that people are convince that it is performing miracles in their body, helping them lose weight and replacing it with actual food.

Do I hear Diet Culture in the mix?

Not cool.

I have been hearing that celery juice can cure all kinds of diseases, ailments, or disorders and thats just plain ol’ FALSE advertising with literally no scientific evidence saying so.

Im sorry but a glass of celery juice is not going to lower your blood sugars enough to cure diabetes, or lower your blood pressure substantially and cure your hypertension.

What I don’t get is… why celery juice?

Literally almost every positive health claim made about celery, is the same for like every other vegetable.

Why not broccoli juice, mushroom or spinach juice?

Both very high nutrient profiles, high antioxidant properties so….. whats the difference?

Like yeah celery is amazing, but so is every other vegetable.

Why not just incorporate celery into your daily vegetable intake, and then you are at least getting the fibre along with it.

But no we have to make it complicated, juice it, and claim its freakin magic and will cure all of your problems including weight.

I have also seen claims on helping anxiety and depression…. like excuse me?

I have had anxiety so bad that I was afraid to leave my house and Im pretty damn sure a glass of celery juice would have done nothing for me..

Eye roll πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Other claims about celery juice:

  • dry, itchy skin
  • detoxes your body (check out my blog post onΒ Detoxes and how I feel about those claims)
  • cure gut rot or improve your digestion (which I don’t get cause your taking the fibre out when you juice it but okay)
  • fighting and preventing liver disease (where are people getting this evidence???)
  • reduces inflammation

Do you guys know where the celery juice craze came from?

Not from a medical doctor, a dietitian or physiotherapist…

But from Anthony William a.k.a. Medical Medium. Ever heard of him? He is pretty popular.

He’s the culprit behind the celery juice craze and told everyone about why you should drink it and all the magical properties it has.

Almost all posts I see raving about celery juice on instagram references this guy.

He has quite the social media following and has celebrity followers such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Pharrell Williams and Naomi Campbell.

So I am not all that shocked that people are listening to him.

Whats super shocking is that he lacks any formal nutrition or medical information... so why are we believing into this guy who doesn’t even know what he’s talking about?

We should be taking his advice with a big fat grain of salt.Β 

Another thing, celery juice or celery itself will not be able to perform its health benefits unless you combine it with all other fruits, vegetables, whole grains, plenty of water, exercise, sleep, etc.

I have been seeing people just drink celery juice and think okay thats it now I’m healthy as f*ck !

That drives me nuts because we CANNOT be using celery juice as a replacement for all the other amazing, healthful foods out there.

Sure celery can have amazing benefits to your body while COMBINING it with a balanced, healthy diet and lifestyle.

You think if you smoke or drink everyday, a glass of celery juice is going to reverse those effects?

Probably not.

The bottom line is… If you want to drink celery juice as part of a balanced diet with other fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, pizza, donuts, whatever your lifestyle looks like then thats fine.

But don’t replace it with actual food and think that is the healthy choice. Your body will end up feeling deprived and restricted and that cycle is never pretty.

For all of you wondering whether this trend was legit or not, I hope I was able to clear some of the air for you.

I hope you all of a great Wednesday! Thanks for listening to my rant as always. πŸ™‚

If there is anything else you have read or found about the celery juice trend…. COMMENT Below. I love to hear from you guys.



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