7 Fitness Products/Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

I classify myself as a pretty simple girl especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

I don’t buy into the weight loss products, fitness enhancers, pre-workout powders or any of that stuff because I feel like I don’t need it.

My body functions well, and I feel good on just moving my body in ways that I love, and fuelling it with proper nutrition and sufficient caloric intake.

BUT there are a few (or more) things that I literally cannot go to the gym without. And if I do then wow watch out, I will not be happy.

I am kind of exaggerating but like … these products, gadgets and gizmos make me a happy fit girl and make my workouts for efficient and powerful.

Chill.. I will share them with you.

I will also provide links to my favorite fitness products so you don’t have to feel left out, and you can see what I mean about not being happy without them.

7 fitness products I cannot live without: 


1. Fitbit Versa 

THANK. YOU. BOYFRIEND for this great Christmas present. Matt bought me a pink one… he really knows the key to my heart. All pink everything please and thank you.

I have tried out a Fitbit before, it was actually Matthew’s old one. It was black and rugged looking and had a tiny little screen which just wasn’t for me. Couldn’t get myself to wear it all the time.

When I seen the Versa’s come out with a big beautiful screen and a PINK ONE. You bet your ass I threw that on my Christmas list and told Santa I was a good girl.

Tracking my calories aren’t really a big deal for me because I know when my body needs food and how much of it. If you are hungry eat! Plus tracking calories has never worked in my favour.

But I LOVE that it tracks my water intake, heart rate, sleep, and it gives me reminders to get moving a bit if I’ve been a lazy sack all day. Sometimes it motivates me sometimes I turn the notifications off LOL.

The versa lets you put music on there, set alarms, and notifies you when you are getting a text or call so you can decide to ignore people or answer. Sorry not sorry.

2. Water bottle 

Preferably pink water bottles because it looks cute if you have to carry it around all day.

If you know me, you know I carry a water bottle with me EVERYWHERE. No joke.

Like I drink probably 4 L or more, and am constantly peeing.

Hydration is important people! Especially during your workout.

One time I forgot my water bottle at home and I had to drink out of those little styrofoam cups out of the fountain. Have not forgotten my water bottle since.

I drink like literally 2-3 full 600 L of water during my workout, so those styrofoam cups don’t fucking fly.

3. Wireless head phones

Two words – GAME. CHANGER.

What was I doing before I got wireless headphones in my life???

Trying to untangle the headphone cord and having it constantly catch on things and being ripped out of my ears. Thats what.

Being able to lift, swing, run, jump, twist, bounce, whatever you do in the gym WITHOUT a cord ruining your life is literally a gift from god lmao.

Plus those stupid earbuds would always fall out of my ears when I ran or did intense workouts.

I don’t have time for that, like I’m trying to get a toned body here?

A lot of them have noise cancelling features like mine, and I LOVE that. No more people trying to talk to me when Im busy lifting my booty.

And if they do try, can’t hear them anyways.

Or if theres loud groaning people or someone smashing weights down, girl these headphones got you.

Do yourself a favour and get some.

4. Sliders/Resistance Bands

LOVE these because you can take them anywhere.

If your travelling, through these in your carry-on or suitcase or your purse and you can get in a quick or long, effective workout anywhere you go!

You don’t need a gym to workout when you have sliders and bands handy.

I have done countless legs, booty, arms and abs workouts with these bad boys.

Usually have them in my gym bag as well in case I want to incorporate them into my gym routine.

5. Notebook

No not the movie guys.

Lately I’ve been writing out my workouts in a small notebook or even use the notes app in your phone.

It just makes it so much more efficient when I actually get to the gym yenno?

Before I would always just make it up as I go, but I would spend a lot of time just walking around wondering what to do next or on my phone looking up workouts.

By planning it out prior in a notebook or something, I am in and out of the gym quicker, I am more lazer focused and I have found I have made more progress.

My notebook is so cute and perfect size to toss in a purse. Its pink obviously and has gold pages I’m obsessed.

6. Spiral Hair Ties

Silly maybe, but necessary

I love spiral hair ties because they are SO easy to throw your hair up in a messy bun, a high pony, a low pony, a sideways pony, whatever you are rocking.

I find I make the best messy buns with a spiral pony.

My favorite part… they don’t leave weird bumps in your hair after you take them out.

My hair always just falls so nicely out of them which I am obsessed with.

Even with sweaty hair. WIN!

7. Anything Fabletics Duh

Comfy, affordable, cute, stretchy, pockets, squat proof…. what more could a girl ask for?

I am seriously so obsessed with everything Fabletics, just check out my blog post on it if you don’t believe me.


Alright going for a run now with my wireless head phones, spiral hair tie and Fabletics tights. My pink water bottle is waiting for me when I return.

Thanks for reading as always loves, you rule. I linked all of my favorite products at the bottom of this post in case your curious!

Have a great Tuesday.



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