The Amazing Benefits of Weight Lifting

Before I get into this topic…..


I have not written a blog post in 5 ish days which seems like forever for me and I apologize for that.

This past week I have been working a lot and have not had much down time.

Plus I live with my boyfriend now so he’s always up in my grill when were not working.

Just jokes he’s the best. He gives me foot rubs every night after work.


So happy Thursday and I hope your all enjoying this warmer weather FINALLY!

(Except for my ldb friends… heard you got lots of snow and I feel for you)


You guys all know I was on this yoga craze for a while and I was doing a lot of at home workouts, not lifting a lot of weights and just doing something different.

Which is good! Don’t get me wrong, these workouts are still great and definitely super good for your body especially yoga.

But it never really got me as excited and pumped to workout like weight lifting does.

It always felt good doing yoga and switching things up but it just didn’t fill up my cup if you know what I mean.

But for some people it does.

Everyone loves different things and its important you find what gets you out of the bed in the morning and wanting to workout.

For me, it’s always been lifting weights.

Nothing else makes me feel as powerful, confident, strong, sexy and just fucking amazing.

Like it pumps my adrenaline, makes me so excited to hit the gym and I feel amazing for like two days afterwards.

Its the only type of exercise I have done that make me feel truly like myself.

I have always had a strong, muscular build so maybe thats why? I don’t know.

I remember all the guys in my class in high school would always call me hulk cause I was muscular at like 14 or 15 (thank you gymnastics).

At the time it pissed me off and made me super self-conscious but now I OWN IT.

Because why not?

Our bodies do amazing things for us, their strong and beautiful and their OURS.

Lifting and I have a pretty tight relationship though.

Before I got out of my comfort zone and tried something new outside of cardio….

I was so focused on losing weight, only doing cardio to make myself thinner, not eating enough and scared of food.

Also I was scared of being manly and bulky.

When I started lifting weights it changed how I saw myself. It made me embrace my body and my strength.

I gained a healthier relationship with my body and food.

Lifting literally saved me from my body image issues and I am forever thankful.

If you are considering incorporating weights into your gym routine.. YAY.

And once I tell you more about the benefits you will be even more excited and convinced.

Benefits of Weight Lifting


1. You’ll burn more body fat 

I am going to put this at the top because I know it was the reason that reeled me in.

Cardio: You burn calories during your workout and thats it. And you have to do long periods of it to burn a sufficient amount of calories

Weight lifting: You are not burning as much during… but your burn calories for up to 38 hours post workout.

You metabolism sky rockets when you are building more muscle and it will continue to do so if you stick to your workout regimen.

Lifting weights will increase the amount of lean muscle mass you have on your body which in turn, increases the number of overall calories you burn throughout the day.

If your new to weight lifting and noticed a spike in your hunger…. PLEASE EAT. Do not ignore that.

Your increase in lean muscle mass is increasing your overall basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories you need to just breathe basically)

Which means you need to eat more calories.

Also a benefit in my eyes cause WOW who doesn’t love food?

2. Allows you to reshape your whole body. 

Yes cardio allows you to lose weight. But it allows you to lose weight AND muscle.

So what your left with is basically just a smaller version of yourself. (What I used to go for in my high school days).

When you lift weights, your building muscles and they look more defined, you create a curvier more toned physique.

You definitely don’t look bulky or manly.. if anything you look more feminine, strong and sexy.

I’ve always had a muscular build but when I really started lifting heavier, pushing my workouts, and being consistent… I noticed a difference.

I noticed leaner, stronger looking legs, a more rounded, bigger but tight butt, my arms and shoulders looked more defined and my stronger back.

I loved how it made me look and feel. Which was strong and confident.

3. You’ll strengthen your bones 

Lifting weights doesn’t only effect your muscles, it also applies force to your bones keeping them strong.

Your bones lose density as you get older so by lifting weights, you could be preventing things like osteoporosis or fractures.

4. May help balance your blood sugar levels 

When you workout and need that explosive energy to lift heavy weights you need fuel.

And that fuel your body turns to is usually glucose which is broken down from carbs. (you need carbs people).

SO your burning a lot of that glucose for energy to fuel an amazing workout.

This could help people with type II diabetes regulate their blood sugars and maybe lower some of the side effects.

5. BEST Stress Reliever 

Honestly there is almost nothing that a good lifting session can’t fix. Or sprint intervals.

Something about lifting some heavy ass weights just puts all that frustration and stress to good use and you get it out of your system.

Also its pretty hard to think about your stress when your focusing on your workout.

Keeps you in the zone, in the present moment and OUT of your head!

Such a huge anxiety relief for me which is another big reason why I love it.

6. Improved sleep 

I definitely notice my quality of sleep improves when I work out consistently.

Although, there doesn’t seem to be a direct correlation between sleep and working out though.

It has more of a connection to reducing stress and tiring you out, fatiguing your body which then connects with a better nights sleep.

But hey I’ll take what I can get!

Still a big benefit in my eyes because no thanks Insomnia.

Lifting weights has helped me get some decent shut eye after battling with insomnia.

Read about my insomnia struggle here

Anyways thanks for reading my blog post ladies and gents you guys are awesome.

IF you have any questions about weight lifting or anything fitness related you know where to find me.


Let me know in the comments on your favorite way to workout!

You can head over to the contact me page and shoot me an email, or send me a DM or facebook message on my social media: @liveandnourish

Nerd Fitness explains this topic really well on their website. Check it out!

Hope you all have a fantastic day lovelies




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