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No Equipment Full Body Workout

You do NOT, I repeat, do not need a gym to get in a a great, sweaty, effective workout.

You don’t need equipment or anything fancy to still feel great, get fit, healthy and gain some muscle.

I wanted to share this full body, at home workout with you guys to show you how amazing no equipment workouts can be.

You will sweat and your body will burn with this one.

It also has cardio added in the mix so your heart will be pumping as well.

All the moves can be modified which I will describe how to do so down below!

This workout is perfect for all my busy ladies out there that have 0 time to get to a gym.

or my girls who want to save some money on a membership

or if your travelling, want to switch things up, or just to damn lazy to leave the house.

No problem, I got your back! You can do this workout in pjs or sweats if you want.

Whatever works for you!

FYI: if you don’t follow me on instagram you should go do that because I posted the videos demonstrating each move on there. 🙂

No Equipment Full Body Workout: 

Alright so the rules are to do each exercise for 30 seconds, minimal rest in between but if your dying then take a longer break.

Do 2-3 rounds of the workout.

I advise a warm up before hand like some jumping jacks, jog on the spot, a few squats, lunges, something to get your bodies core temperature up.

Get sweaty, have fun! 😉

  • Side to side jump squat with twist (can modify with normal squats, or just jump squats on the spot.)

Heres a video demonstrating that move because I dont know what the technical name is lol.

  • Burpees (subtract the jump at the top to modify)
  • Inch worm with push up at the bottom (subtract the push up to modify)
  • Push-up with alternating knee tap (regular push-ups or knee push-ups)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Side plank with knee tuck (instead of a plank up on both feet, lift up with one knee on the ground for support)

Repeat 2-3 rounds

30 seconds each move.


I find that when I write out a workout it always looks so easy until you get moving and your like dying on the inside.

If this is how you feel, don’t underestimate it! I classify myself as a fairly fit, strong person and I struggled with this.

You can always amp up the intensity with resistance bands or weights.

Go get sweaty and Happy Thursday!





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