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Why the “No Eating Past 7” Rule is a MYTH

Today I am going to talk all about why the “no eating past 7” rule is a myth!

I am so excited to talk about this topic with you guys.

Because we have all heard that rule unfortunately.

Whether its no eating past 6, 7, 8 or 9 or whatever it is… you will gain weight.

I feel like everyone I’ve talked too about healthier eating, nutrition, weight loss, etc, everyone says the same thing.

“I have a hard time not eating in the evenings.”

“I love to snack late at night”

“I crave food in the evenings”

You feel like its absolutely against all rules to late night snack so you end up restricting yourself in the evenings.

Which later on…. leads to bingeing in the evenings because your body is starving.

Kind of comes back to bite you doesn’t it?


But I have GOOD NEWS for all my late night snackers out there who love to lie in bed and eat popcorn at 9 pm.

I am one of these people btw. Who doesn’t love bed time snacks?

This whole rule about not eating past 7, is a bunch of bull ****.

I seen a popular, highly followed, health coach on instagram claim to all her followers and clients that she doesn’t eat past 7.

This girl is shredded, and portrays diet culture all the time.

Anyways, people see her physique and go “well she doesn’t eat past 7, then I can’t either to look that way.”


And not to mention completely unfair of her to make you think that way.

I don’t even know where that myth came from to be honest.

But I remember BELIEVING it when I was younger.

I thought that if I ate before bed, that food would sit in my stomach and just turn right into fat because I was asleep.

If only I knew how the body really worked back then…

I can’t even count how many times I’ve eaten big meals at like 9 or 10 pm, especially during university.

People have busy lives, and sometimes don’t get to eat until after 6 or 7, or whatever time.

Which is totally okay. And not to mention normal.

Your not committing a damn crime or breaking “rules” for eating past a certain time.

AND you should NEVER feel guilty for doing so.

Even now, you will catch me in bed with a snack almost every night.

I usually workout at 6 pm after work so yeah I’m super hungry all evening.

If calories is what my body wants, then I will give it calories.

OKAY, time to dive in to why this old rule (thats still going around unfortunately) is all wrong.

Why the “No Eating Past 7” Rule is a MYTH

Here is the TRUTH: It literally does not matter what time you eat… all that matters is the amount of total calories you are eating in a day.

Let me explain a bit more.

You will lose weight if you are in a caloric deficit. Period. End of story.

Im not saying to do this because you will feel like crap and your body won’t function properly, BUT you could literally eat junk food for all your meals, and if your still in a calorie deficit, you will lose weight.

Your body doesn’t give a shit about what time you eat at. If you eat at night, but still remain in a calorie deficit…. you will lose weight.

What is a caloric deficit?

It means that your body is burning more calories than you are taking in.

If you calculate your BMR, (NOT BMI, thats completely different) it will show you how many calories your body needs to function not including exercise.

Heres a link to a good BMR calculator: Ideal Protein BMR Calculator

For example: Let’s say your BMR is 1600 which is how many calories you’d burn if you were to just lay in bed all day.

So basically how many calories your body needs to just stay alive.

If you are a very active person though and workout hard 4-5 days a week sometimes 6 ….

1600 x 1.4 (activity factor, 1.55 being very active) =

You would need almost 2500 calories to maintain your current weight.

If you were to lose weight you would eat under that amount of calories.

So you can literally eat at any point of the day and if your under that calorie amount then you will lose weight.

If people late night snack, gain weight then preach to everyone about not eating at night….

Keep in mind, It’s not because of the time they ate, its because they ate a snack and went over their daily calorie intake.

This is also another reason why I believe diets, detoxes, cleanses and all that other crap don’t work.

Check out that post for more: Why detoxes and cleanses don’t work

The only reason they ever claim to work and help you lose weight is if it puts you in a caloric deficit.

And you definitely don’t need to waste your money on a diet product to do so…. just eat food, you’ll get the same results.

So my point is, that calories don’t tell time and will digest food the exact same way no matter what time you eat.

Also my other point is that if your hungry at night, make yourself a snack.

Let’s not ignore or be afraid of our appetites and our bodies natural hunger signals mmmk?

Our bodies are smart, if its telling us there hungry then just give it some food.


ALSO I want to clear something else up.

I am not suggesting you count your calories either. I really don’t believe in that.

If you eat a lot of whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods throughout the day… and by that I mean whole grains, tons of veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, etc., your not going to be in a caloric surplus.

If your wondering what a caloric surplus is… that means your eating more calories then what your BMR said.

A caloric surplus is necessary to build muscle too guys so if your lifting weights, and go heavier, your body is going to need more fuel to build those muscles.

So if your killing it in the gym, wanting to build more muscle and look toned af…. Don’t be afraid to eat!!

That goes for everyone too. No one should ever be afraid to eat.

Listen to your body. What does it want?

If it wants vegetables, have them, if it wants pizza, thats cool too.

If it wants food at 7, 8 or 9 pm at night….. grab a snack!!

Like I said our bodies are smart and know what weight it wants to be eat.

Eat when your hungry, Stop when you are full.

I talk more about this in my post on ending diet culture

The purpose of this blog post was to just let you guys know… its okay to eat at night or whatever time of day you want.

Calories don’t tell time, all that matters if you’re looking to lose weight is the amount of daily calories you eat and the quality of nutrition you eat for overall health and wellbeing.

 Thanks as always for listening to my little rant about all the diet and fitness bull crap out there.

I hope you all have a very happy Tuesday!






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