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8 Most Common Fitness Myths Debunked


So because I wrote about the 12 nutrition and food myths out there (not all of them cause I would have to write 100 pages)….

I thought it would be fun and beneficial to debunk the 8 most common fitness myths since I hear a lot of those as well.

Especially all of my ladies reading who are new into fitness and aren’t sure what to believe, don’t worry I got you.

You may have heard these myths before, some may be older, some newer, some that you’ve never heard or some just a reminder so keep scrolling babes!

Also if you have another fitness myth or claim you have heard and not sure if its true or not, message me or drop it in the comments! đŸ™‚

Okay lets get into those pesky little myths

8 Most Common Fitness Myths Debunked

1. You can spot reduce fat.

How nice would this be?

Hey I wanna just lose some belly fat, shrink my legs but grow my glutes.

Unfortunately we can’t just pick a spot on our bodies and lose weight or burn fat.

When we workout it helps us burn overall body fat but we cant control specifically where on our bodies we burn it.

If you want to tone those abs, you have to tone the rest.

So if you just do crunches and planks everyday hoping to get a 6 pack without doing other exercises…..

Sorry to break it to you but that is not going to work.

Gabrielle Boston in her post on spot fat reduction says “saying you just want to lose your love handles or belly fat is saying you only want to use gas from the right side of your tank.”

Love that, because it’s so true!

To show abs or have a really toned, defined part of your body requires having a really low OVERALL body fat percentage.

I wish our bodies worked this way sometimes though..

2. You shouldn’t work out on an empty stomach

This is one I still hear all. the. time.

I generally workout in the mornings around 9:30 and I never eat before.

And NO its not because I’m trying to do “fasted” cardio to burn more fat, lose more weight or get in a more effective workout.

I just hate going to the gym on a full (ish) stomach. Even if I eat a little bit, I find it makes my workout more sluggish and less energized.

I get in a kick ass workout on a lot of coffee and water and it fuels me enough.

You get your energy during a workout from your stored energy not something you ate an hour before hand.

Your muscles store glycogen from broken down carbohydrates and glucose once food is digested and absorbed which is a long process.

So if you eat a banana right before the gym….. your probably not getting that energy from the banana.

3. More gym time is better

Nothing drives me more crazy when I see inspos and fitspos on social media saying “no days off” ” rest is for the weak” or other bull crap like that.

Do you want to know what happens when you don’t take proper rest days and recover?

Your muscles don’t have time to recover, repair and build more muscle.

You actually build muscle when you rest, not during your workouts, therefore rest days are ESSENTIAL to your progress.

The next time you see someone post about no rest days… hit em with the facts!

4. Women lifting heavy makes you bulky

An old fashion myth but still a good reminder. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy ladies!

I have made the most progress when I started lifting heavier and really pushing myself.

The heavier you lift, the more stress you apply to your muscles therefore they will break down and repair building lean muscle mass.

The more lean muscle mass you build, your burning more fat and your metabolism will also increase because you need more fuel and calories to build muscles.

Women and men are built completely different with different hormones.

We as women, do NOT produce the higher amounts of testosterone that men produce that builds muscles.

The only way we will get bulky is if were taking growth hormones or steroids or some other supplement that isn’t natural to look that way.

I personally think my body looks more curvy and more feminine when I lift heavier weights.

Your lats grow, your waist looks smaller and your butt grows giving you a nice shape.

I highly recommend you incorporate weights into your workout to reap the benefits.

5. You have to cut out carbs to lose weight

You do NOT have to cut out any food group to lose weight or build muscle okay? Okay.

Your bodies cells are made up of protein, carbs AND fat, meaning we need all 3 to function properly.

Protein will help us build muscles.

We need fats for proper hormone production which highly influences weight loss and weight gain.

And carbs for glucose to fuel our mind and body to get a kick ass workout in.

Low carb diets will make you lose weight in the short term but isn’t a sustainable way to live, plus it isn’t necessary.

Eat a variety of minimally processed foods, fruits and veggies, whole grains, fats, and you will provide your body with everything you need to succeed. (Hey that rhymed, just call me dr.seuss).

6. Cardio is the best way to lose weight

I actually get this question quite frequently. The fitness world is confusing and people want results so I get it.

Cardio is extremely important because your heart is a muscle and it requires work as well.

I incorporate cardio 3-4 x a week and its usually HIIT which really gets my heart pumping.

But I wouldn’t go and say its the best way to lose weight.

A combination of cardio and lifting weights in my opinion and from studies show that it’s the best way to lose weight because you increase your lean muscle mass and burn more fat.

ALTHOUGH if you are wanting to lose weight you need to ensure you are in a overall calorie deficit.

So if you are working out 3-4x a week (lifting and cardio) but overconsuming calories, you wont lose weight.

I’m not saying calorie count but just ensure you are eating whole, minimally processed foods that make you feel good most of the time with added exercise, you will see results.

For me I focus on what foods my body needs to function well and what my bodies craving instead of calorie counting or tracking macros.

Our bodies need and crave vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, fibre, protein, carbs and fats. So thats what I give it.

If Im craving pizza, bagels, whatever it is I will eat it.

I eat intuitively.

Bottom line is though, eat an abundant of whole foods and exercise in ways that feel good and that you love and you will be happy and feel AMAZING.

7. More sweat = Better workout

If this was true, I would burn a lot of calories during my bikini sugaring appointments.

hahahaha I wish I was kidding. I’ve never sweated so much then when I got a brazilian.

Anyways, no the more sweaty you are doesn’t mean you worked out harder.

I dont really know where this myth even came from but I believed it for a long time.

When you think about it, you can walk around for an hour or longer and burn quite a bit of calories, and compared to like 5-10 minutes of HIIT which always gets me insanely sweaty…

But walking for hours is going to burn more calories in the end. Which proves that this myth is not true.

Sweat is just a cooling process in the body. We sweat so we don’t overheat and die basically not because were burning more calories.

8. You have to supplement in order to gain muscle.

Supplements are just that…. a supplement for diet or food.

It isn’t something that we need to function properly.

I understand that some people need to supplement like iron, B12, etc., because they cant absorb it well or dont eat foods that contain certain nutrients for religious beliefs or ethical reasons.

But when it comes to building muscle and fitness, if we eat a variety of foods with protein, all the essential amino acids, carbs and fats, we won’t need to supplement.

Supplements are good for convenience purposes I must say.

I just bought a vega sport protein powder thats delicious for after my workouts because a lot of the times I’m too lazy to make breakfast or meal prep.

So in that sense, yes supplements are good but they are not essential for muscle growth.

We can build muscle and tone just fine on eating foods.

There ya go, now you are all educated on those annoying fitness myths you hear all about all the time and can tell them whats up.

Just kidding but I hope you find this post useful and you gained some knowledge on the topic of fitness and the confusing info. out there.

Like I said, if you know of any other myths out there that I haven’t listed… reach out to me and share!! Or drop in the comments below, I love hearing from you guys!

Alrighty I am at my parents for a couple days right now, it is gorgeous out and I’m going to enjoy the day…

Have a great Tuesday babes!

Also.. how adorable is this shirt in my pics?





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