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Why You Should Always Choose Yourself

Lately I have been hard on the meditation, gratitude, self acceptance, personal development.

I mean I am a BIG fan of all things self-care and self-love but to be honest, I was slacking there for a while.

Now that I am back on the personal development train, it really got me thinking a lot on why choosing yourself is so so important.

Not only for our own happiness, but for our health (physical and mental) as well.

Choosing yourself is NOT selfish, repeat: NOT selfish.

You can choose yourself at all times, in any situation, whether your single or in a relationship.

When I say choose yourself I don’t mean break up with your boyfriend you love, get rid of all your friends, ditch your job and just be a lone wolf.

No… although sometimes thats tempting for the introvert in me.

What I mean is following your gut, putting yourself first, doing things that make you happy above all.

No matter WHO or WHAT is telling you you cant, or telling you no or holding you back.

If there is something or someone or some place you want to see or do, then do that.

If it feels right and the thought makes you giddy, gives you butterflies, invades all your thoughts and dreams… honestly go for it.

Like today someone told me I shouldn’t drink coffee in the morning AND in the afternoon and I’m like…

Uhmmm no thank u, NEXT! I will drink this afternoon iced coffee in the sun on the front steps if I WANT TO.

In all seriousness…

Choose. Yourself. Every. Damn. Day

For the longest time I wanted to start a blog.

I wanted to create a platform that will help and inspire others, somewhere I can talk about nutrition, fitness, my goals and my passions.

Putting myself out there on social media scared the living crap out of me and held me back for so long.

I was afraid what people would think of me, was scared they would think it’s stupid and annoying or no one would read it.

I wanted to help people in their fitness and be a personal trainer and create online fitness programs for people but I was scared people would think its “not a real job.”

See where I’m going with this?

I choose myself instead of worrying what others thought, I chose my dreams and my goals over other peoples opinions.

Now I am currently studying to be a personal trainer (will be done in the next month), I’m blogging every chance I get, and I share a lot on social media.

Because it makes me happy and it is what I’m passionate about.

If you are in a relationship with a boy, or have a friend or EVEN a parent that drains your energy, makes you unhappy, down and unfulfilled..

And you feel like you deserve better….


Trust your gut and those inner thoughts and feelings because your body/mind is a smart cookie.

If you feel like you want more in life, then buckle up babe and go make that change.

Only you are in the drivers seat of your own life, not other people.

I was in a relationship for years and spent almost half that time thinking I wanted more in life and that I wasn’t as happy as I thought I should be.

Now I’m madly in love with my current boyfriend, he supports me and my goals at all times and I’m truly happy.

I feel like I’m exactly where I need to be, and like I’m on the right path.

Something else happens when you choose yourself too.

You develop new self-loving, productive habits.

When I started choosing myself, like really choosing myself, I started reading more educational books, I started listening to podcasts, taking better care of my health, practicing more gratitude and removing more negativity out of my life. Buh bye.

I started meditating, and getting more in touch with myself and digging deep.

I also stopped dieting.

Diet culture can go straight to hell because that shit is exhausting and if you want more tips on how to let go of dieting check my post How to Leave Diet Culture Behind… For Good.

When you choose yourself, you choose your health both mentally and physically.

You learn how to eat intuitively, naturally and use your instincts.

You respect and love your body and yourself enough to eat when hungry, stop when full, eat foods that you crave and stop punishing, hating and telling yourself “NO YOU CAN’T EAT THAT. BAD.”

Also, you find ways to move your body in a way that feels good whether thats running, spinning, swimming, walking, lifting, yoga.

Believe me when I say you are in control.

I’m going to be real with you guys and say that for the last month or so I have NOT been choosing myself as much as I liked to be.

Instead of meditating, journalling, reading, podcasting, all the things I LOVE, I’ve been watching Netflix, scrolling on my phone comparing myself to social media people.


Especially not in the morning. And it took a big toll on my motivational level.

For the past 5 ish days, I started waking up without my phone again, and spending the first hour doing those things I love.

And magically, I felt insanely better, more productive and positive. Funny how choosing yourself does that.

If there is something deep inside you that you want to live out and fulfill but someone or something is holding you back…

Please stop living for other people and start living for yourself.

We only have one life, one body, one chance to make this life beautiful and amazing.

So here is my advice and tip for the day:





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