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Get Glowing at Glow Fitness for Women


I have had the privelege of working part-time at Glow Fitness for Women for the past 7 months ish and I have absolutely NOTHING but amazing things to say about this place. I just have to share all about it with you guys because honestly its the environment, the community, the owner and staff are all incredible. I will definitely miss being a part of the staff here and cheering on the members.

Having my fair share of jobs and work environments AND going to many different gym over the years, Glow takes the cake, and I am so sad I am leaving this beautiful place.

The name “Glow” and brand the owner has built around this gym suits it so perfectly because after you leave this place, you literally feel like your glowing.

It has only been open for little over a year, but members feel like family and everyone develops an incredible, supportive relationship with each other making your workout so much more enjoyable.

Over the 7 months of working here, I have met so many wonderful ladies that make coming to work so much fun. And watching everyone else support one another and develop new friendships is so rewarding.


What exactly is Glow? 

Glow Fitness for women is exactly what it sounds like, an all women’s gym located in Selkirk, MB designed to help you get fit, and help you feel your BEST with absolutely no judgement. The owner and staff at Glow do such a great job at making every member that walks in their door feel welcome, loved and motivated.

If you have ever heard of Curves…. Glow has recreated that with so much more.

Glow is staffed from 9-6 Monday to Friday and 9-12 on Saturdays. But as a member, you get access 24/7 to Glow so whenever is convenient for you to come workout you are more then welcome.

The fun, colorful lights are always on, the upbeat tunes are bumpin to keep you motivated and moving! Even when staff isn’t on duty.

There is also challenges, prizes, games, discounts etc., that we offer for our members throughout the year. Glow is dedicated to making your workouts quick, effective and most importantly FUN!

What does Glow offer?

Glow offers a 30 minute circuit workout, designed similar to curves with the same type of machines. It uses a hydraulic system for resistance so the harder you work, the more burn you get and the better your workout. After each exercise machine you go to a recovery board which gives you some freedom and variety to do whatever you like during your workout. The recovery board is meant to keep your heart pumping, so you can do pushups, crunches, squats, jumping jacks, or just jog on the spot! Whatever you are comfortable with.


You do 30 seconds on the machine, then 30 seconds on the recovery board with little to no rest (you can take breaks when you feel you need though). Come prepared to sweat your buns off and feel glowy from the inside and out.

The nice thing about the circuit is that you don’t have to worry about new gym anxiety, not knowing what machine to use and in what order, or having everyone stare at you while you figure it out.. everything is already set up for you and you can go at your own pace.

There is also an AMAZING, and beautiful yoga studio at Glow with a variety of yoga/fitness classes throughout the week. Glow provides yoga blocks, bolsters (for meditation), blankets, yoga straps, and heated floors… which is the best part. Who doesn’t love a cozy yoga room with dimmed lights, candles and heated floors. The answer is NO ONE

The yoga classes off everything from restorative yoga, chakras and crystals, gentle rise and shine, good morning yoga for a gentle start to the day, pilates and body rolling (people go crazy over our pilates). If your a beginner, no problem at all because our instructors are amazing and will modify for you to ease you into the practice.

Glow’s yoga schedule also changes for each season so there is always new and exciting classes to try out and different yoga practices to try. In the summer they even offer yoga outdoors in the park, can’t get much better then that!

Products and more 

On top of getting in a great workout, Glow offers a line of cleaning products and air fresheners from Brie’s Botanicals (also locally owned in Selkirk) that uses ALL natural products. Glow is dedicated to being chemical and plastic free.

Essential oils can have many health and healing benefits which is why Glow also sells high quality Doterra oils. Any scent you need, just let us know and we will put in the order for you. Essential oils are amazing for skin,

Some other products Glow offers to their members are the companies merchandise from hats, sweaters,  tights to workout tanks and t-shirts, that move with you and make you feel comfortable.

We also provide our members with epsom salts which are perfect to add to your bubble bath at the end of a long day. If you prefer, Glow offers different scent combinations created with our essential oils that we put into our epsom salts for an extra health and wellness boost. Just ask the staff at the front desk and they will make it happen for you!

Clean and Sparkly

On top of the amazing yoga and circuit workout Glow offers, the glow team works hard at keeping the place looking fresh and clean at all times.

Glow fitness for women is also a plastic free and chemical free environment which makes it even more unique and clean compared to other gyms.

As soon as you walk into Glow you feel right at home with the cozy decor, comfy furniture, the oil diffusor burning the best smelling scents, the plants and flowers, and of course the friendly staff awaiting your arrival with a smile and available to answer any questions you have.

Quick note about the owner 

Katie is seriously one of the sweetest, most genuine person I have ever met in my entire life and also the best boss. She’s kind, empathetic, smart, savvy, a good leader and role model. Basically everything amazing rapped up in one person. Katie makes sure every member know they matter and are very appreciated when they walk through the door. She treats everyone equally with respect and kindness. As a member at glow, Katie and the staff will ensure you are well taken care of and make sure you have the best experience possible.


the combinations of oils we offer for the epsom salts


the beautiful yoga studio

Isn’t it the cutest little gym you have ever seen?

Glow is locally owned in Selkirk, there is only one but there are plans to expand and open more locations in the future, hopefully one closer to Eriksdale because man I’m gunna miss this place.

Just makes you feel so good on the inside and the outside yenno?

I brought my mom to a mom & me yoga class a few months ago and we both had such a good time. Such a bonding moment for us.

Glow Fitness for Women does not disappoint and I know if you go check it out you will fall in love with the place just like I did.

If you want to find out a bit more about Glow, they have a website which you can find by clicking here. They also  have a Facebook page and an Instagram that you should definitely check out. You will quickly see how positive and uplifting the community and the brand is.

You can sign up for membership online, and check out all the yoga classes as well making it even more convenient for you.

Seriously ladies, if you live near the Selkirk area, I highly recommend Glow Fitness for Women.

The machines and circuit is all laid out for you, so you just come in, do the workout and leave! The circuit is only 30 minutes, you can hit that on your lunch break.

Also, they train you on it once you sign up, so don’t fret about not knowing how to use the circuit. 🙂

If you do go check out Glow after reading this blog post, tell one of the girls at the front you heard about it from my blog! They will love to hear that.

Anyways, have a lovely Monday and get glowing.







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