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FYI: It’s Totally Okay if you Change Your Mind After University

Let me say that again: It is totally okay to change your mind after university AND its nobody else’s DAMN business but your own.

Being 18-30 years old, making life decisions such as going to university or college is freakin scary and there is so much pressure on you.

It’s like you are only allowed to make one decision when you are in your 20’s and that will be your career and future forever. Which is crazy.

People make it seem like this is your one shot, one choice and one chance at having a successful life when realistically, there are SO many opportunities out there waiting.

I feel like the beauty of life is the freedom to do whatever we want, change our minds over and over until we find something that sticks.

And through that process we learn so many skills, meet new people and shape us.


Here is my little story,

Alright so, you all know that I graduated with a bachelors degree in human nutritional sciences with the idea to become a registered dietitian. Thats like the main reason why people take that degree.

Without that registered dietitian title, having a BSc in nutrition does NOT open up as many doors as I envisioned. It’s a very vague degree to have under the ol’ belt.

Not saying I’m not proud of myself because 5 years of University was DAMN hard and getting a degree in anything is a huge accomplishment if you ask me.

But I’m saying that I struggled real hard after University to find a good paying, full-time, permanent job that wasn’t hours away from where I lived.

Being a registered dietitian requires you to finish a 10-12 month internship that is unpaid and EXTREMELY competitive.

Like I’m talking only 2-10 spots are offered at only a handful of hospitals/schools across the country. And like thousands and thousands of applicants.

I applied a couple times and I was not accepted. Even with all of the volunteering I did, I had above the recommended average gpa to apply, I proof read my application a million times, I had good references but nope. Wasn’t happening for me.

Super discouraging and made me want to give up the whole dietitian thing completely.

I had full intentions to apply again after I graduated and researched a shit load on what other successful interns did to get accepted.

So I got a part time job at a gym (glow fitness for women) for nutrition/fitness experience and a part-time job as a dietary aide in the hospital for clinical experience and food service experience.

Also I started volunteering with more dietitians, doing little projects for them here and there, I started a blog, and tried to balance a social life and make time for my boyfriend.

SO EXHAUSTING AND STRESSFUL. Literally putting in so much work with a small ass chance or no chance of getting into an internship.

Honestly I found such a love and passion for blogging, and just wanted some consistency and stability in my life.

I wanted to have more free time and live my life instead of being stressed out on looking for jobs related to nutrition, getting volunteer experience, making no money when I’m trying to buy a house with Matt, and just being downright unhappy.

Ask Matt how many times I’ve been stressed and crying about this whole internship thing and finding a job. Seriously, he’ll tell you how much of a wreck I was.

All I wanted was to find a full-time, permanent job with a good wage, close to home, so I could make money and then blog in the evenings (or personal train). I craved that consistency, routine and stability.

The stress and anxiety about internship and being a dietitian just took the joy out of it for me. I honestly feel so much happier using my nutrition degree and knowledge with my blog as a side hustle and passion.

SO cue the full-time position in finance opening up  in Eriksdale (I moved here with my boyfriend a few months ago). I jumped on it fast, got an interview and they offered me the job the following week.

I was SO freakin ecstatic because that meant a permanent full time job, no more working weekends, I had more time with my boyfriend, I could develop a better blog routine, and just live my life without so much stress on job hunting.

Working at my other part time job (glow) was great but it was a long commute so I only worked one or two shifts every couple weeks, and my dietary aide job was rewarding and I enjoyed the experience but it was only a term, ending next January and 3-4 days a week. So I didn’t have much financial stability.

I accepted the job at a credit union quickly and couldn’t wait to tell Matthew.

Then… the anxiety started to sink in.

Hooly shit did I waste 5 years in University learning about nutrition by accepting a job and possibly a career at a credit union?

What are my parents going to think, what are my friends going to say, my grandparents, aunties, uncles, etc.,

I literally was so excited then it turned into fear, dread, and worries about what other people were going to think, even though I was super happy and felt so much weight lifted off my shoulders.

Like how insane is that?????????

Just writing that makes me wanna pinch myself because thats not the person I want to be. The one who puts a hold on their life and do what you think will make other people happy not you.

No thanks, pass.

So after I balled my eyes out to Matthew and had an anxiety attack, I was like k no. I am happy about this, Matthew was very happy for me, and thats all that should matter. If my family is going to be negative I’ll deal with it. Plus it’s MY LIFE, not theirs.

Turns out when I told everyone and shared it on instagram, I got so much support from people and it was like wow…. so many people are living this reality.

So for all you bad asses that are going through a weird transition and wanting to change your mind after University, during university or before university but are scared to because of what others think.. this post is for you girl.


Reasons why it’s completely okay to change your mind after university.

Reason numero 1 and possibly the most important reason. Is that it is YOUR LIFE. You hear me? Yours. You can do whatever the hell you want with it.

If what you are doing or pursuing right now doesn’t make you happy, then do something that does. If you want to drop out of school to work, save and travel the world then do that.

I went from nutrition to finance which is a HUGE change. But a few weeks into my new career and I absolutely love it, and I am learning so much. Don’t let a decision you made in school dictate how the rest of your life is going to look like.

Reason numero 2: Life is way too incredibly short and precious to wander through it completely unhappy and wishing you had made a change a long time ago.

Good news is, it is never too late to make that change sister.

The last 2 years of my life have been nothing but stress about getting a good job in the nutrition field and getting an internship. I was so. over. it.

When a great opportunity came up that made me excited, happy and stress free, I hopped right on board. You should too!

Reason numero 3: You learn so much about yourself and find out what makes you unhappy and happy.

You meet new people, learn new skills, make mistakes, fall down and learn some more.

It’s all a part of the roller coaster of life and it is beautiful.

I never knew I would love working in Finance until I took the opportunity. Don’t get me wrong I love nutrition and fitness but as a career I chose a different path which is completely okay.

Some of the most successful people started out as something completely different as what they are doing now.

Walt Disney started out as a newspaper editor… could you imagine if he continued doing so and never built a billion dollar business? JK Rowling worked as a Secretary but dreamed of writing stories and books, could you imagine her not taking the leap of faith, pursuing her dream and NO harry potter? I’d die.

The bottom line is, change is ALWAYS scary. But if your following your heart and your passion, then that big scary change will lead into something amazing and fulfilling. Trust your gut.

Whether it’s not working and travelling the world, going back to school for a different degree, or working in an area thats irrelevant to your degree, change your mind as many times as you want too. Follow different paths until you find the one that fits for you and most importantly makes you happy. Do your own thing, live your own life, and don’t give a damn about what anyone else thinks.

You rock.





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