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You Don’t Need to “Get Back on Track”


Well another birthday for me has come and gone and I am sad.

YES I am absolutely that girl who gets super excited and super extra on her birthday. You are damn right I soak in all the attention.

No shame in admitting it either.

Now that I think about it, I’m actually super surprised that I didn’t write a whole entire blog post on my birthday.

Maybe I still will 😉

Birthdays are amazing, you most likely spend it surrounded by family, friends, boyfriends, delicious food, presents, cake (ice cream cake with pink icing and sprinkles for me… I told you I was extra), and a whole lot of wine and coconut tequila.

Like seriously, what more could a girl ask for?

But if you are like me and have struggled with body image issues, food restriction, etc., a lot of this good stuff can bring anxiety, fear, and guilt.

Which is a serious debby downer and I don’t have time for that anymore.


It hurts my heart to hear/see “I hate so shitty all weekend and now I have to get back on track.” or “wow I am eating SO CLEAN for the next week with no cheats because of how I have been eating lately.”

You do not EVER have to “make up” for a weekend of enjoying great food by restricting yourself, working out extra hard, and shaming yourself for having a great time.

My birthday weekend was filled with all my favorite foods, desserts and wine. I did not worry about going to the gym once or counting calories or how many pounds I could be gaining.

I did go to the gym yesterday yes, but I didn’t go with the mindset or the intention of burning it off. Instead I listened to my body and followed accordingly.

My body wanted to move and get some exercise. I felt great afterwards, I didn’t push myself harder to make up for food I ate, I just worked out according to how my body was feeling just like every other day.

I absolutely refuse to “get back on track” after a birthday, holiday, special occasion or anything that involves celebration and heres why:


First of all, you were never “off” trackThis may sound odd to you, cause you’re probably thinking “well yeah I was because I eat super healthy usually but I let myself go on the weekend and ate a lot of treats.”

Okay, I get that. But that my dear, is called LIFE, and it is meant to be lived which means celebrating special occasions with your friends and family without feeling guilty or worrying about what your body looks like.

Enjoying your self and foods that taste good without fear or guilt means…..girl you are 100% ON TRACK.

That is called food freedom, and happiness, and joy and living your damn life.

When you look back on your life do you want to remember yourself ditching on the friends and family gatherings because you are scared to overeat? Or do you want to look back and say damn I ate some awesome food, and spent it surrounded by people who loved me.

Food should never be associated with guilt. I will say that over and over again until it sticks in your brain.

Associating food with guilt is another big reason you may be bingeing o

You are so used to seeing certain foods as “bad” or “unhealthy” which may lead to using special occasions to binge on as much food as you can because you don’t allow yourself to eat it on a regular basis. Then feel immediately guilty and beat yourself up for eating it.

Food is food, and some are more calorically dense than others and some are more nutritionally dense than others. But there is NO such thing as “good” and “bad” foods.

You are allowed to eat any food you like if thats what your craving, thats what tastes and feels good and your happy. Eat what you crave because thats what your body is wanting. Your body is a smart little cookie.

If you eat leftovers a couple days in a row after your birthday weekend, after Christmas or whatever it is, THAT IS ALLOWED.

It implies there is a “right” track to be on. Realistically, life is always changing and you are too. So it’s silly to try to and stay one one track and be perfect.

Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, it gets busy, theres things to get done all the time. Trying to manipulate yourself and your body into staying the same, staying a certain weight, avoiding or skipping situations to maintain that, is just crazy.

There is so much variety in life, so many options, and opportunity to change so roll with the punches!

Be grateful you enjoyed that extra serving of cake instead of feeling regret over something you can’t control. Be appreciative of rest days or days you don’t make it to the gym and thank your body for doing so much for you.

If you chose a burger and fries over a salad because thats what you were craving then ENJOY it and move on. (I had chicken fingers and fries today at lunch and WOW was it great.)

Thank your body for being able to digest all foods and turn it into energy for you to get through your days.

You are SO much more then your weight or the size of your jeans.


The bottom line is your life is happening right now, there is no getting back on a different track and there is no “one track” to be on. Live your life in the moment, embrace all the changes, all the opportunities and let go of the thought that you are only beautiful if your skinny.

Life is continuously happening, and there is absolutely no “right” way to live. Once you embrace this you will stop obsessing over how “clean” you ate today and if you had an extra serving of pie at dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, eating healthy and getting enough nutrients in your body is super important for your overall health. But obsessing over it and constantly telling yourself no to pizza, ice cream, wings, etc., because you are scared to gain weight… well let me just say you are worthy of more.

I love to eat healthy, but if theres special occasions or I’m craving a certain food, I allow myself to eat it. That is what works for me and makes me happy.

I have restricted myself from a lot of foods for a long time, and it never fulfilled me or made me happy. It made me anxious, lonely, and deprived.

Find your balance, find your happy.

Don’t skip out on the beauty and simplicity of life, there is no “right” track to be on and you are not getting off track because you ate more the you normally would on the weekend.

Thats just you living and loving your life.

Alright I’m going to go eat some leftover ice cream cake now.






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