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My Live Nourish HIIT Program is Launched!

Hi, hello, howdy, bonjour,

YES I know It has been a HOTT minute since I wrote a blog post.

I have had intentions of getting back to writing them regularly but life has been insane lately (not really an excuse) but I have just had other things going on yenno?

INCLUDING this program I just launched called Live Nourish HIIT, which I am so freakin’ excited about.

If you are thinking of purchasing this program but want to know a little more about it, this blog post is for you!


This program has been my life for the past couple months and having it actually out there and completed… I just feel so accomplished.

Live Nourish HIIT is the first thing I’ve ever really created and launched as a personal trainer, blogger, influencer, so it was a surreal feeling.

I can honestly say though, it has motivated me SO much more to create all kinds of projects that will be beneficial to you guys and your lifestyle. Whether you are on a fitness journey, healthy eating journey, want to love yourself more, need help grocery shopping, etc., I want to create programs that help you in all aspects of health.

So if you guys have any ideas about projects I should be creating next, give me your input! 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to explain this program I created fully, and why I created it.

What is Live Nourish HIIT

Live Nourish HIIT is a 6 week at home workout program that requires no equipment, the only tool you need is your body. It is a program designed to help you build strength, improve your cardio, flexibility, balance and coordination. Live Nourish HIIT is also a private facebook group for everyone to share how the workout is going, how their feeling, comments, thoughts, struggles and motivate one another. Throughout this program you get 100% support from me if needed.

The Workouts

The workouts differ day to day targeting each muscle group. They are laid out in a circuit based manner meaning you perform 3 rounds of 3-4 exercises per circuit. Workouts are designed to take you 20-30 minutes so its quick and effective.

Whats Included

Included in the program is 6 weeks worth of workouts that differ day by day and organized into each week and each day so it is simple and easy for you guys to follow. Also you will get a video library showing you how to perform each move and tips from me on how to modify and have the correct form. So if you see a move you don’t recognize or don’t know how to do, make your way to the video library. You also will have access to a private FB group with everyone else who is doing the program and constant support from me.

The Price

I had a 4 day promotion of 10 dollars when I first launched it to the public but now it is back to regular price for a one time fee of $15.


I remember when I first started working out I could not for the life of me find good at home workouts that didn’t cost a fortune, and the free ones were just your basic jumping jacks, push-ups, crunches, which didn’t push me.

SO I wanted to create an extremely affordable program that required 0 equipment because I know how tough it is for some people to get to a gym, or find the time to workout which is why my workouts are only 30 minutes MAX. I wanted something ladies could do wherever and whenever they wanted without worrying about looking like a beginner at the gym, or having to pay a lot of money for memberships.

To sum it up, I wanted all women to be able to have this program and get fit for a low price. You don’t need fancy gym equipment to get in a good workout and feel great.

Another reason I created this program was because people think they need to spend hours in a gym to get fit which isn’t the case. I don’t blame them for dreading workouts if they think it has to be an hour or more. Live Nourish HIIT workouts are quick, simple, effective and modifiable so anyone can do them.

I know its priced cheap and I did put a lot of work into it but like I said, I wanted everyone to be able to afford it and to be honest, it isn’t about the money for me. I just want to help others and create a community of confident, happy, healthy women that support each other.

I want to make being fit, strong and healthy 100% possible with little to no equipment or dependancy on a gym.

The positive messages I’ve gotten from the ladies who purchased this program and the support in the facebook group is already making me so happy and it makes me feel like my goals are accomplished.

Seeing you guys gain confidence and feel amazing in your own skin without comparing yourself to others is so awesome I can’t even describe it.

The facebook group is completely non-judgmental and any negative comments or words will absolutely not be tolerated. It is a safe place for my HIIT ladies to share their journeys.

I designed this workout for anyone from beginners starting out on a fitness journey, if your looking to re-fall back in love with fitness after hating on it because you thought it was all calorie restriction, no rest days and pushing yourself to the limit, new moms, someone who’s just looking for something different to do, if you don’t enjoy a gym, aren’t near a gym or don’t wanna pay the price of expensive gyms.

Personally, for me I like to switch things up with HIIT workouts, full body workouts or yoga if I’m bored of my usual lifting routine so that’s when I would use this program. It’s also perfect for travelling because you can do it in a hotel room.

These workouts will get your heart pumping and your body sweaty!

For the one time purchase of $15. (Not trying to sound super sales-y but I have had some people ask me if its just one time purchase or $15 a day, etc.,

I literally worry about being too sales-y and pushy cause I really don’t wanna come off that way, I just am so excited and proud to have this program out and I can’t wait to see everyone rock it.

If you have any questions at all, please ask! I’d be happy to answer 🙂

Here is the link to the program as well — > Live Nourish HIIT

I am currently dying of a cold so I am blogging from my PJs today and about to take a nap.

Chow lovelies, and have a great Sunday.


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