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5 Must-Read Books for Personal Development

Going to be honest, because of the book worm that I am, I’m really surprised that I didn’t write/share about this topic sooner.

I have a lot of favorite books, I mean ALOT. I was so excited to get my own book shelf in my own house and pack it full. But there are a select few that have made a significant impact on my life, my mental health, physical health and my own personal development.

I’m going to go as far as saying these books (especially two of them) have SIGNIFICANTLY impacted and changed my life. Honestly they could have possibly saved it when I was in a really dark place with my mental health, a couple of these books pulled me out of that darkness.

So in saying that, It would be an absolute shame for me to not share what these books are, what each one is about and how each one has changed my life.

Book Numero 1

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Going to start off with the book that has had the most impact on my life and my mental well-being. The book that legit saved me, lead me to healing and allowed me to learn how to take control of my life by letting go.

I came across this book when I was at my lowest, darkest moment. I was battling anxiety, OCD and exhausted from insomnia and this book immediately gave me so much hope. It clicked in right away that I did not have to suffer and that I needed to let go of trying to control everything. This book showed me the way out of suffering and into freedom.

Eckhart Tolle is a goddamn genius. He has written a few other great ones but the power of now is by FAR my favorite and the most insightful.

He goes into such depth about how our thoughts and feelings are not you, you are simply the awareness behind them and you don’t have to react to them or let them control you. Additionally, he explains the benefits of being in the present moment, the power of meditation and how it can give you more freedom, peace and happiness.

Eckhart Tolle explains that it is not what happens to it that matters, it is how we react to what happens to us. We can look inward, pay attention to our thoughts and feelings and either choose to get caught up in them, let them manipulate you or you can let go of anxious thoughts, anger, resentment, etc., and allow peace to enter your life.

His words are SO so powerful and it is a lot to take in and understand but definitely worth it reading. You will look at life in a new light.

Book Numero 2

The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer

Very similar to the power of now but in my opinion, this book explains everything in a less complicated way. It’s a shorter book and easier to understand especially if this is the first time you are learning about the whole mindfulness, meditation and being more self-aware thing.

Overall a very powerful book, changes your perspective on life. This book also increased my awareness of my thoughts and emotions and how I respond to them.

Book Numero 3

Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

A very popular book so I am sure a lot of you have already read it but I’m still including it because this is one of the realest, rawest, most truthful books I have ever read. Shout out to Rachel Hollis for writing a kick ass book that motivates the crap out of people (it did with me anyways).

I love how she breaks down every chapter into lies. Like “Your not good enough” or “im better then you” “I’m not a good mom” etc., Basically breaks down all of the things we tell ourselves regularly and what we beat ourselves up for. Rachel tells you that you do NOT need to be perfect, life is messy, it’s full of ups and downs, but thats what it’s all about. As long as you keep pushing, keep going, and keep being the BEST that you possibly can be.

Book Numero 4

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

My first personal development book that I read when I started my beach body coaching journey!! Ya’ll remember that? Didn’t last long, I was trying to figure shit out after university. But I am actually truly grateful I stumbled upon this book because it shifted how I viewed my coaching business (at the time) but now, it changes how I view my blog growth and my brand.

When you first start a side hustle you wonder how long it will take to be really successful and make money off it. For example, when I started beach body I wanted to make money right NOW. With my blog I’m not as focused on making money because It’s simply something I enjoy doing and something I’m passionate about, but success and growth takes TIME. Which the slight edge taught me.

The slight edge explains how small changes everyday lead up to HUGE results over time. And if you are consistent with those tasks everyday, amazing things can happen. Like blogging for example, if you stay consistent every week with posting content, writing blog posts, and interacting with your audience…. success will happen.

Something that really stuck with me was he said he knew a lady once, and every single day for her whole life, she would put a few dollars in her savings account. Like 5-10 bucks or something, which seems like nothing right? But over years and years she literally had a million dollars in her account from the few bucks she saved everyday. WILD.

Definitely changes your view on personal growth and how small practices everyday create something magical. Really great read for someone who has a side hustle or business!

Book Numero 5

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

Okay I know I know, I just started this book like 4 days ago but seriously you guys, I’m already obsessed and It has already made a huge impact on me.

I was listening to The Skinny Confidential podcast and they always talk about practicing stoicism and this daily stoic book. So I had to see what all the hype was about and bought it on amazon.

What is stoicism you may ask?

Stoicism was actually an ancient greek school of philosophy way back when so this practice was actually taught (which I totally think we should bring back because I would be here for it). Stoicism beliefs include focusing on what you can control and accepting what you can’t, saying no to things that don’t matter and saying yes to things that do, taking action for your own life instead of blaming external sources, etc., etc., Sounds like something everyone should practice right?

So this book is actually incredible because for each day of the year, it gives you a quote and a passage that has some serious, deep wisdom. Like stuff that really makes you think, ponder about life and opens your eyes.

What I like to do is read one everyday in the morning after I meditate, and then reflect on it in my journal. So I’ll write down what I think the passage/quote means, how it effects me and any other thoughts I have on it. Really adds a little somethin’ somethin’ to my morning routine.

All of these are books can be read over and over and you still take away new information and new insights. They are 100% must haves for your book shelf or your night side table (I have 2 at all times).

They are all fairly affordable on amazon as well so what are you waiting for?? Let these books change and transform your life. You won’t be disappointed babe, I promise.

Talk soon,



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