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4 Morning Rituals for a Positive Mindset

First off, happy Sunday! Anyone else feel love Sundays and take full advantage to do all things self-care? I am currently listening to Halsey’s new album, writing this post with a face mask with my essential oil diffuser on. I love a chill evening after a busy weekend. 

Anyways, if you follow me on instagram you know that I LOVE a solid morning routine or ritual. I try to do all if not some of my morning routine every day but realistically, some days I choose an extra 20 minutes of snooze time instead. Which still counts as self-care right?

In all seriousness, I think morning routines are so important and vital to how the rest of your day pans out. For me, starting my day a specific way that is dedicated to my mental health, productivity and happiness makes such a difference in my mood. I’m much more positive, less reactive, I’m more patient and let things go easier and just peaceful overall. I also find it very motivating and have more energy to get stuff done! This is important if you live in Manitoba and have to endure the cold temperatures and short days that make you want to curl up in a ball and do nothing.

Personally, it helps with my anxiety and mental health as well. There’s just something about taking 10-15 minutes out of every morning to focus on myself that is so beneficial.

I won’t get into my full morning routine, you can visit my blog post about morning routines for the full break down. I want to list a few that are most beneficial to my positive mindset throughout the day and hopefully you guys can gather some takeaways and implement them in your life!  

Ritual #1.

The very first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning is flick on my himalayan salt lamp. I like that its a nice dim red colour and its not as harsh on the eyes as blue light such as your cell phone. I also try NOT to look at my phone (scroll social media, check texts or emails) for the first half hour to 45 minutes of my morning. Then I turn on my essential oil diffuser which is usually a lavendar or chamomile scent, something relaxing. Theres something really relaxing about the dim light of my salt lamp as well, just a really nice, easy way to wake up.

Ritual #2.

Once my salt lamp and oils are going I will go fill up my water bottle, put a lemon slice in it and a cap full of apple cider vinegar. Hydration is so important when you first wake up and I find cold water with lemon and ACV also wakes my body up and it is so refreshing. The Lemon and apple cider vinegar have added benefits such as helping your digestion and a great source of Vitamin C so I like starting my morning with that. I will the get back into bed and meditate (I love the headspace app) for 10 minutes and drink my water.

Meditation is a great way to start the morning and helps me be more aware, less reactive and more peaceful throughout the day. Also really helps my anxiety and improves my mental health overall. You really can’t go wrong. The headspace app is amazing too because it guides you through and the instructor has an insanely peaceful voice.

Ritual #3.

After my meditation I will read a page from the daily stoic and then journal my thoughts and reflections on what I read. The daily stoic is so f*cking insightful, empowering and changes how you view life I am obsessed to say the least.

I will also journal any ruminating thoughts or feelings I have to get it out on paper and let it go, then I will write down a grateful list, what I want to let go of and what I am excited about. I got this tip off of a podcast and it really sets a positive tone for the day. It makes you think about all of the things going on in your life and your priorities. Being more grateful just generally makes me a better and happier person.

Ritual #4.

Hot water with lemon and a good podcast while I get ready for work. No hot water with lemon doesn’t have any superpowers, won’t get rid of belly fat, jump start your metabolism or any other bullshit like that but I do love how it makes me feel. I mean there are studies saying it helps your digestion and lemons are nutritious but it doesn’t do anything magical.

I like the way it makes my stomach feel, it warms me up and relaxes me before I start the day plus I just love the taste.

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There are so many other little morning rituals you can implement in your routine like a workout, reading, stretching whatever it is you love to do or makes you feel more positive and happy, I highly recommend making those things a priority in the morning.

For me it just creates a good mindset and I know I can tackle anything that comes my way that day. I hope it does the same for you.

I’m always listening to podcasts or seeing what other successful people do as their morning routines and trying it on my own. The Skinny Confidential always has so many helpful tips on morning routines so check her out as well as Tony Robbins.

If you have ideas for your morning routine that you do and want to share with me, drop a comment on this post or DM me on insta!

Have a great Sunday and we’ll talk soon,



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