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My Personal Training Business is Launched!

Guys, I am so excited that Raquel Lodge Fitness is FINALLY happening after being in the works for so long!

I have been pondering on the idea of personal training for a while, and I kept going back and forth, being too scared to do it, wasn’t sure if I would be good at it or if it was the right thing for me. But now that I finally took the plunge and launched it, I am SO happy and excited to see where this takes me. I feel so in my element with it and being able to put BOTH my passions of blogging and fitness/nutrition into a side hustle/business just lights me up.

Ever since I got into fitness I always thought of becoming a trainer because I just wanted to help other people. I wanted other people to see how amazing taking care of yourself feels and how confident you become. Not to mention better sleep, more energy, better posture, lower blood pressure, etc., Then after getting my nutrition degree and becoming educated on foods, how they work in the body, intuitive eating and how harmful diet culture is… I wanted to help people even MORE. I love sharing my knowledge and inspiring other people to become their healthiest, happiest selves.

Through years of struggling with body image issues, dieting, mental health, not feeling good enough or confident in my body.. and all the work I have done to get to where I am today. How could I NOT share all my knowledge and education with you guys. I honestly feel like I was put through hard times so I can learn, grow and share with others to help them feel their best too.

So here we are! 🙂

To learn a bit more about me, my background and my story, check out my health and fitness journey post.

I wanted to write a post explaining fully my intentions with this business, the programs and prices I am offering, and what i have planned next for Raquel Lodge Fitness. I want you guys to get the FULL low down and know what my business is going to be all about.

Programs and Prices that I Currently Offer:

6 Week program $199

8 Week program $275

12 Week program $399

Each one of these programs involve a fully customized workout plan tailored to you and your goals. Whether you want to gain strength & muscle, increase cardio, training for a certain sport, gain weight, whatever it is I will help you get there. You will have 24/7 access to me, if you need anything at all just call, text or email. You will have that support and accountability 100% of the way! I don’t do meal plans but I will help with nutrition education, advice, provide recipes, and answer all your questions. We will also have weekly check ins where we discuss how the week went, what went well or what you struggled with and how we can overcome those struggles. We will work on all things fitness, nurition, self-love, self-care, confidence, etc.,

Why I don’t do meal plans:

Meal plans tell you that you can eat certain things but other things you shouldn’t eat, putting food into a category of good and bad which is what I am completely against. In addition to that everyone is so different so putting someone on a meal plan where I don’t know their full health history, what they like/dislike, allergies, intolerances, any conditions or diseases, just doesn’t seem right to me. If you are someone who has a condition you should be seeing a dietitian not a personal trainer. Yes I have the same education as a dietitian but it doesn’t give the right to practice as one or create meal plans for people.

I will share nutritious recipes with you, answer any questions you have regarding nutrition, give you tips and tricks to adopt healthier habits instead of restriction, but I don’t agree with meal plans.

Without the coaching, and 1 on 1 training:

6 week program $99

8 week program $137

12 week program $199

I offer these programs without the 1 on 1 training, accountability, check ins, all that other good stuff as well.

SO if you are like, “well I don’t really need the accountability or nutrition advice but I would like a customized workout program I can follow on my own time.” THIS IS FOR YOU!

If you aren’t great at planning your workouts so they’re the most effective, or you are unsure of what muscle groups to pair together and which ones to train on what days, then I will do all the planning for you! All you get to do is follow your lovely, customized program and crush your workouts!

Also, if you dont have access to a gym thats okay too! All of these programs, with or without coaching can be done in your home with 0 equipment or whatever equipment you have at home. So don’t feel pressure to have a gym membership to get fit and healthy.

Another thing I am planning on doing with this business is teaching fitness classes or bootcamps in the Eriksdale, Lundar, Ashern, area. So if you live in this area and are interested in bootcamps and group fitness classes seriously let me know. I love hearing feedback and hearing what YOU guys want. Feel free to shoot me a message if this is something you’d love to participate in.

If there is any other questions about what I offer ask, ask, ask away! I am on facebook, instagram, snap chat, twitter, so message me about anything guys I’m serious.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me with this blog and now personal training business. I am really excited to meet more of you guys and help you become your best, happiest, healthiest most confident selves!!

Love you guys



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