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Every Body is a “Bikini Body”

How do you get a bikini body? …. Grab a bikini and put it on a body.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by Summer and it’s IMPOSSIBLE standards when it comes to wearing a bathing suit??

As Summer approaches, the COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifting, people are somewhat getting back to their normal routines and lives but I keep seeing these posts about not having a bikini body this summer because of the “quarantine 15.”

If your wondering what that means, It’s like the freshman 15 but instead of freshman its now quarantine because apparently gaining weight is a much bigger deal then a global health pandemic which just goes to show how screwed up our society and diet culture is. I’m so sick of us women feeling like we’re not good enough and we have to have the “perfect” body to wear a bikini. What the f is a perfect body anyways?

First off, let me just ask you guys what you see in movies, or t.v. shows when they show girls in bikinis running on the beach in slow mo? Is it ever a realistic looking girl with stretch marks, cellulite, rolls, acne or razor burn? Is it ever a girl showing her tummy fold over when she sits or women in bigger bodies flaunting it on the beach looking amazing?

If your answer is yes, girl tell me what movie/tv show your watching because that is what we NEED to be seeing more of. But most likely your answer is no which is why society needs a change. Personally, I don’t ever remember seeing anything like that in the movies.

Take Kate Upton in The Other Women, or all the girls in Baywatch where the girls running on the beach all have perfect bodies, perfect boobs, perky butt and showing 0 signs of anything realistic for the majority of women.

I’m not trying to shame these women or saying they should hide their bodies, I’m just saying we need to see more variety. We need more women being shown who are in different bodies, showing the stretch marks and the belly rolls and the cellulite because guess what, THIS IS NORMAL AND WE ALL HAVE THESE THINGS.

We would be less ashamed of our bodies and less likely to try and live up to an impossible standard if women of all shapes and sizes were portrayed more as beautiful. It’s unfair and unrealistic to see only bodies that have perfect abs, no rolls, no cellulite, a round lifted butt, perky boobs and smooth clear skin. And we wonder why women struggle so much with body image issues…

Why Every body is a Bikini Body

I used to stress so much about summer and the whole concept of having a “winter body” (meaning heavier and less in shape), and a “bikini body” which are both just terms that diet culture made up. I used to cut out so many types of food and food groups, exercise super hard and never give my body rest just so I can achieve this so called bikini body. Let me just tell you that our bodies are beautiful no matter what season it is and we should stop thinking we have to “tone up” for summer.

Instead of stressing myself out about having a beach body, now I eat and drink and exercise like I would any other day instead of worrying about looking good in a bikini. I KNOW I will look good no matter what and every body is worthy of wearing a bikini and rocking it on the beach.

Everyone’s body is different which makes everyone unique and beautiful meaning… EVERYONE should be able to show it off in a bikini without getting stares, whispers or nasty comments. Someone else’s body and health has absolutely nothing to do with you so why would you think you would be able to bring them down and automatically make assumptions? Let’s stop this already okay?

There are no rules as to who can and can’t rock a bikini. Society’s dumb standards make us feel that way but why should we listen to them? The more we embrace our bodies and ignore societies standards than the less power society will have and the more confident we will become.

Friendly reminder that you are so much more then what you look like and the size of your body. The number on a scale will NEVER define your worth. There are so many other qualities about you that make you worthy and make you who you are that have nothing to do with what you look like. For example, sense of humour, intelligence, creativity, bravery, etc., So why do we put so much value on a persons body? And judge someone just by looking at their size? We have no right.

What we have to do is stick together and show up for ourselves and for each other. We are bigger than societies standards and whatever else diet culture tells us.

I say screw diet culture and their dumb rules, throw on your favorite bikini that makes you feel fly as hell, and flaunt it on any beach, boat, back yard or wherever you are without giving a damn what others think. Because you know what? Their opinion of you is none of your business and has 0 reflection on the person you are.




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